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Changes to UK nuclear liability regime

07 March 2017

With the return of nuclear new build in the UK, the potential to be liable for nuclear damage will be of vital importance to all parties in the nuclear supply chain as well as investors and funders of new nuclear projects, writes Darren Walsh.

Brexit white paper confuses Euratom debate

08 February 2017

The 2008 EU Amendment Act is not a justifiable legal basis for the UK government's belief that Brexit must also mean an exit from Euratom, write Jonathan Leech and Rupert Cowen.

What's really killing America's nuclear plants

30 January 2017

The premature shutdown of America's nuclear power plants is nothing short of a national catastrophe, writes Jarret Adams.

Tokio Kanoh passes away aged 82

28 February 2017

Tokio Kanoh, a Japanese parliamentarian, former chairman of the World Nuclear Association (then the Uranium Institute), and a noted nuclear communicator passed away on 17 January. His engaging character and perceptive contributions to debate will be missed by colleagues in Japan and worldwide.

Nuclear energy and the new US administration

03 February 2017

There has been much speculation in the press about the policies which will be enacted by the incoming Donald Trump administration - and as well, much speculation about which policies will be truncated or eliminated, writes Will Davis.

Brexit and Euratom: No rush to exit?

20 January 2017

As the UK government moves towards the formal process to exit the EU, Jonathan Leech and Rupert Cowen consider the implications of Brexit for the nation's membership of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom).