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UAE unveils long-term energy strategy

13 January 2017

UAE_energy_strategy_launch_(Ministry_of_Energy)-48The United Arab Emirates has unveiled plans to increase the contribution of "clean energy" in its total energy mix to 50% by 2050. The UAE's new energy strategy sees half of the country's energy coming from renewables and nuclear, with the remaining half coming from fossil fuels.

JAIF president urges reactor restarts to fight climate change

30 December 2016

Japan needs to work towards bringing its reactors back online if the country is to meet its climate goals, Akio Takahashi, president of the Japan Atomic Industry Forum, said this week. Nuclear energy currently accounts for just 1.1% of Japan's electricity production and commercial operation has been resumed at only three of the country's nuclear power plants - Sendai 1, Sendai 2 and Ikata 3.

Climate target 'very difficult' without nuclear, says IEA chief economist

06 December 2016

Wind and solar power are transforming the electricity industry, but not fast enough to put the world on track for the UNFCCC's Paris Agreement target to hold the global temperature increase well below 2°C, according to László Varró, chief economist of the International Energy Agency. This "climate stabilisation" target needs nuclear power to play a significant role in the low-carbon power mix, Varró told delegates at the Budapest Energy Summit yesterday.

Climate change key global risk, WEF finds

11 January 2017

The global risk landscape is now dominated by environmental concerns, with environmental risks dominating the list of those most likely, according to the World Economic Forum's newly published Global Risks Report 2017. Climate change is one of the most impactful risks the world is currently facing, ranking alongside income inequality and societal polarisation as top trends for 2017.

Nuclear retirements major threat to emissions targets

20 December 2016

Premature retirement of US nuclear power plants could be a major threat to efforts to reduce carbon emissions in both the short and long terms, a new report by the Brattle Group has found.

Nuclear vital to challenge of climate change

18 November 2016

Agneta Rising, director-general of the World Nuclear Association, has called on Conference of the Parties to make it clear that nuclear energy will be part of their response to succeed in action on climate change. "France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada's province of Ontario, have all achieved more than 80% low-carbon electricity generation by using nuclear energy in harmony with renewables," Rising said yesterday at a press conference hosted by the Russian delegation to the UNFCCC COP 22 climate change conference in Marrakesh.