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China's climate change plan

22 September 2014

The Chinese government has approved a national climate change plan that sets out emission and clean energy targets for 2020. Nuclear energy will have an important role in meeting these targets.

Climate and economy can improve together

17 September 2014

Economic growth and a reduction in carbon emissions can co-exist, according to a new report by the Global Commission on Energy and Climate issued ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York next week.

Biosphere reserve for Chernobyl

07 August 2014

Pripyat wildlife 48Ukraine expects to prepare soon a draft presidential decree on establishing a biosphere reserve in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Nuclear battery breakthrough

18 September 2014

Research by a team led by Jae W Kwon at the University of Missouri in the USA has opened the door for the development of a new generation of water-based batteries powered by beta radiation. The technology could potentially be deployed in applications ranging from car batteries to spacecraft.

Nuclear's 'key role' in meeting climate change challenge

11 September 2014

King - WNA Sympo 2014 48Meeting the energy needs of a growing global population while tackling climate change is the "biggest diplomatic challenge of the era," according to leading climate change expert Professor Sir David King. Nuclear energy, he suggests, has a key role to play in most regions of the world to meet this challenge.

Indian nuclear must grow 15 times for clean future

04 August 2014

India has to hugely expand nuclear power along with its entire power system to bring electricity to 300 million people and move away from coal, according to a study by the International Energy Agency.