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Russian ministry agrees to postponement of new reactors

27 May 2015

Russia's ministry of economic development has approved the postponement of the commissioning of new power plants, its deputy minister, Nikolai Podguzov, announced yesterday.

South Africa procurement within the year

19 May 2015

South Africa will begin the procurement process for a new nuclear power plant in the second quarter of this financial year and expects to have selected its strategic partners by year-end.

Fuel loading completed at Fuqing 2

18 May 2015

Fuqing 2 core - 48 (CNNC)The loading of fuel assemblies into the reactor core of unit 2 at the Fuqing plant in China's Fujian province has been completed in preparation for startup.

Installation under way of Taishan 2 steam generators

26 May 2015

Taishan EPR steam generator 48The first of four steam generators has been lowered into place at unit 2 of the Taishan nuclear power plant in China's Guangdong province. It is the first Chinese-made steam generator for an EPR reactor to be installed.

Regulatory filing tracks Summer progress

18 May 2015

Summer_2_steam_generator_Jan_15_(SCE&G)_48South Carolina Electricity & Gas (SCE&G) expects a further 52-day delay to the 'substantial completion' date for VC Summer unit 2, although unit 3 looks to be slightly ahead of schedule according to its latest regulatory filing.

Russian gyrotron successfully tested for Iter

18 May 2015

Positive test results have opened the way for Russia to mass produce the gyrotron equipment it has designed for the Iter fusion reactor.