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Separate repository for US military waste?

24 October 2014

The US Department of Energy should consider disposing of the primarily defence-related high-level radioactive waste and used fuel that it manages separately from waste generated by the commercial nuclear energy industry, a report written on its behalf recommends.

Yeniseysky underground laboratory by 2024

17 October 2014

Russia's national operator for radioactive waste management aims to build by 2024 an underground research laboratory tasked with studying the possibility of final waste disposal of high-level radioactive waste in the Nizhnekansky Granite Massif in Krasnoyarsk.

NRC accepts Yucca Mountain design

17 October 2014

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted the Department of Energy’s design for an underground geologic nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada.

Hanford reactor unsealed for inspection

23 October 2014

Hanford F Reactor 48Workers have entered the cocooned former plutonium-producing F Reactor at the Hanford site in the USA for the first time in six years to conduct a scheduled inspection.

Oldbury defuelling reaches halfway point

17 October 2014

Oldbury_ponds_(NDA)_48Over half the 52,060 used nuclear fuel elements at the former Magnox nuclear power plant at Oldbury in the UK have now been removed from site, two and a half years after the plant generated its last power.

Legal issues for Russian radioactive waste

16 October 2014

Russia's national operator for radioactive waste management has highlighted the main problems it faces in siting disposal facilities.