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Demolition of chimney at Italian plant completed

15 November 2017

Garigliano - post chimney demolition - 48The dismantling of the central chimney at the shutdown Garigliano nuclear power plant in Italy was completed yesterday, Societa Gestione Impianti Nucleari SpA announced. Preparations to demolish the 95-meter-high chimney began in March 2014.

Low-level waste only for Canadian repository

02 November 2017

Only low-level radioactive waste will be disposed of in the planned Near Surface Disposal Facility at Chalk River, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has announced. CNL made the decision not to include intermediate-level waste after reviewing comments and concerns expressed during a public comment period on the facility's draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Contract for Marcoule waste recovery and packaging

26 October 2017

A contract to recover and encapsulate low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste at the Marcoule nuclear research site has been awarded to Areva Projets SAS and the Wood Group by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The contract covers some 50 tonnes of waste resulting from the treatment of fuels used in former plutonium-producing reactors there.

Drilling begins in Canadian repository search

13 November 2017

NWMO_Ignace_borehole_studies_(NWMO)-48Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organisation has begun drilling the first borehole to obtain geological core samples, in its search for a potential deep repository for the long-term management of the country's used nuclear fuel.

Countries update on waste management progress

26 October 2017

Public_hearing_visit_to_Osthammar_(SKB)-48Parties to the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management - known as the Joint Convention - have submitted national reports detailing the steps they are taking to meet their commitments under the convention ahead of next year's review meeting. Sweden's submission reflects a particularly intensive licensing phase for its used fuel management programme.

Mining operations to resume at WIPP

18 October 2017

WIPP continuous miner - 48The mining of salt from the US Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico is expected to resume in the coming weeks. Mining of Panel 8 was halted in 2014 following separate fire and radiological events that suspended waste emplacement operations at the facility.