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First Belarus reactor under construction

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07 November 2013

Ostrovets first concrete 48The first safety-related concrete has been poured for the foundation slab of the initial reactor at the Ostrovets site in Belarus marking the official start of construction of the country's first nuclear power plant.

AtomEnergoMash reactors for Ostrovets

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19 April 2013

Russia's AtomEnergoMash will supply the reactor pressure vessels, reactor internals, and core catchers for two VVER-1200 units that are to be built as part of Belarus's first nuclear power plant at Ostrovets.

Contract complete for nuclear power in Belarus

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19 July 2012

Ostrovets, May 2012 81x48The final contract has been signed for Russian firms to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus, the country's first. Ostrovets 1 should begin electricity production in 2018.

Construction licence for Ostrovets

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28 October 2013

Ostrovets artists impression 48The construction of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus can commence following the issuance of a permit from the country's nuclear regulator. The plant will be supplied by Russia.

Capsule marks Belarus' nuclear future

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10 August 2012

Lukashenko emplaces capsule 48The president of Belarus has helped bury a capsule at the site of the country's planned new nuclear power plant at Ostrovets, marking a significant occasion in that country's journey towards energy independence.

General contract approved for Belarusian plant

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11 July 2012

The Belarusian government has approved a draft contract for the country's first nuclear power plant. Soon to be signed with Russia's AtomStroyExport, it calls for construction of the two-unit plant to begin by the end of next year.