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Chernobyl supports 'abundant' mammal life, says new study

Energy and Environment

06 October 2015

A scientific study has for the first time demonstrated that, regardless of potential radiation effects on individual animals, the Chernobyl exclusion zone supports an abundant mammal community after nearly three decades of chronic radiation exposures. The study, conducted by scientists from Belarus, Japan, the UK and the USA was published yesterday in the journal Current Biology.

Belarus adopts radwaste strategy

Waste and Recycling

09 June 2015

Belarus has adopted a radioactive waste management strategy for its first nuclear power plant under construction near Ostrovets. The country's council of ministers adopted a resolution outlining the strategy on 2 June. The document was published on the National Legal Internet Portal last week. The resolution entered into force after its official publication.

Core catcher delivered to Belarusian plant

New Nuclear

19 November 2014

Ostrovets 2 core catcher 48The core catcher for unit 2 of the nuclear power plant at Ostrovets in Belarus has been delivered to the construction site, Atomenergomash said yesterday.

Belarusian premier orders preparations for nuclear project

New Nuclear

30 September 2015

Andrei Kobyakov, prime minister of Belarus, has signed a decree ordering government ministries and agencies to ensure the required number of construction workers are available for the country's first nuclear power plant project, at Ostrovets.

Belarus project unaffected by fall in rouble against euro, says ministry

New Nuclear

12 March 2015

Belarusia's energy ministry has rejected media reports that claim changes in the value of the Russian rouble against the euro have negatively impacted its project with Russia to build a nuclear power plant at Ostrovets.

Ostrovets plant meets construction safety rules

New Nuclear

07 November 2014

Ganz EEM pipes for Ostrovets plant 48Belarusian regulator Gosatomnadzor has found that all the required safety measures are in place for the construction of the country's first nuclear power plant.