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Electrabel contends nuclear tax calculation


08 April 2015

Electrabel has described as "confiscatory" the tax Belgium seeks to levy on nuclear power plant operators based on new calculations by the country's electricity and gas market regulator.

Further flaws found in Belgian reactor vessels

Regulation and Safety

17 February 2015

Additional inspections at Electrabel's Doel 3 and Tihange 2 power reactors have revealed more extensive flaking within their reactor pressure vessels than previously identified, the Belgian regulator has announced.

Restart for Doel 3 and Tihange 2 now slated for July


23 January 2015

Doel 48The process potentially to restart Electrabel's Doel 3 and Tihange 4 nuclear reactors has been extended to 1 July so the utility can answer further questions from an independent panel.

New vessel head delivered to Tihange unit


25 March 2015

Tihange 3 vessel head 48Areva has delivered a replacement reactor vessel head for unit 3 of Electrabel's Tihange nuclear power plant in Belgium. The company has also been awarded a contract to supply a new vessel head to a US utility.

Belgian reactor shutdown imminent


12 February 2015

Doel plant 48Unit 1 of the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium will be permanently disconnected from the grid on 15 February, operator Electrabel has stated. Despite government approval for extending the life of the 40-year-old unit, the regulator has not yet given its permission.

Belgian reprocessing contract completed

Waste and Recycling

07 January 2015

Dounreay shipment to Belgium 48The final shipment of waste from the reprocessing of Belgian research reactor fuel has been made from the UK to Belgium.