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The Brexit effect on UK nuclear

Nuclear Policies

24 June 2016

EDF Energy, NuGeneration and Horizon Nuclear Power have all stressed their commitment to the UK's nuclear new build program, despite the country's decision to leave the European Union. Nevertheless, the majority vote in favour of 'Brexit' - decided in a national referendum held yesterday - may have implications for investment in new reactors and nuclear research, as well for the UK's future role in meeting climate change targets, industry participants said.

OPG stresses low-carbon role of nuclear before Canadian senate


06 June 2016

Pickering_(OPG)_48Nuclear capacity is playing a significant part in the ongoing decarbonisation of the economy, Ontario Power Generation's CEO Jeff Lyash told a Canadian senate committee meeting last week.

IEA advises rethink on Belgian phase-out policy

Nuclear Policies

20 May 2016

Belgium should reconsider its nuclear energy phase-out policy, the International Energy Agency has suggested following a review of the country's overall energy policy. Belgium should adopt a national long-term energy strategy "without delay" in order to decarbonize the economy while ensuring security of supply and affordability of energy, it said.

Climate goals call for speedier expansion of nuclear power

Energy and Environment

22 June 2016

Despite challenging market conditions, the global nuclear industry delivered a strong operating performance and improvements in construction times of new reactors in 2015, according to a new report from the World Nuclear Association. The report says that if the world is to meet its climate change targets then the rate of new build will need to accelerate.

IEA: Nuclear acceleration makes 'climate goals more achievable'

Energy and Environment

02 June 2016

Global climate goals are "more achievable than previously thought" because of progress in nuclear power plant construction, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), which also called for electricity markets to favour all low-carbon technologies.

EIA: US carbon emissions to depend on Clean Power Plan

Energy and Environment

19 May 2016

The pattern of future carbon dioxide emissions from the USA's power sector will depend significantly on whether the US Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan is implemented, according to the two new scenarios issued by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).