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UK's Clean Growth Strategy highlights nuclear

Nuclear Policies

12 October 2017

Nuclear power plays a key role in the UK government's Clean Growth Strategy, published today, which defines how it aims to reduce carbon emissions across the whole economy. As part of the Climate Change Act, the government needs to cut CO2 emissions by 57% from 1990 levels by 2050.

Diversity key to US grid resilience

Nuclear Policies

25 September 2017

Policy-driven market distortions are leading to a loss of diversity in the US electric supply portfolio, which will cause higher costs for consumers as well as a loss of resilience to supply disruptions, according to a new study by IHS Markit. A less diverse portfolio will also likely mean little or no reduction - and possibly increases - in electricity sector carbon dioxide emissions, the report finds. 

World Nuclear Association issues 'call to action'

Energy and Environment

14 September 2017

Agneta Rising - Symposium 2017 - 48World Nuclear Association Director-General Agneta Rising today called on governments, expert bodies and the nuclear industry to do more to ensure that nuclear energy can make the full contribution that society requires to meet its future clean energy needs. Rising was speaking at a press event at the World Nuclear Association Symposium, being held this week in London.

EPA takes steps to repeal US Clean Power Plan

Energy and Environment

11 October 2017

Pruitt_signs_CCP_repeal_rule_(EPA)-48The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday issued a notice of a proposed rule that would repeal the 2015 Clean Power Plan. The EPA asserts that the legislation, which would set emissions standards for US power plants, exceeds the agency's statutory authority.

Komarov explains nuclear's role in energy mix


18 September 2017

The perception that renewable energy is cheaper than nuclear power is only "half true", Kirill Komarov, Rosatom's first deputy director-general, said in a televised interview with Ian King, business presenter at Sky News, this week. "If you combine all the elements you need to establish connection to the grid for renewables, you need to pay additionally for some backup facilities. If you combine all these you will see that nuclear is still, minimum, twice as cheap as wind and, minimum, three times cheaper than solar," Komarov said.

Iran, North Korea feature in IAEA board update

Nuclear Policies

12 September 2017

Y_Amano_T_Seokolo_Sept_2017_(IAEA-Calma)-48Iran is continuing to implement its nuclear-related commitments, but the continuation and further development of North Korea's nuclear program are a cause for "grave concern", International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano told the agency's board of governors yesterday.