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Illinois passes Future Energy Jobs Bill

Nuclear Policies

02 December 2016

Illinois_Senate_vote_Dec_16_(ComEd)-48Legislators in the US state of Illinois yesterday passed a bill recognising the contribution of nuclear energy to the state's clean energy efforts and ensuring the continued operation of the state's nuclear power plants. The Future Energy Jobs Bill will also advance renewable energy and expand energy efficiency initiatives.

Illinois legislation makes progress

Nuclear Policies

17 November 2016

Quad_Cities_(Exelon)_48Legislation including steps that would help to preserve Illinois' at-risk nuclear power plants while creating jobs, strengthening the economy, and accelerating renewable energy development has been introduced in the state's General Assembly. The bill has been passed by the General Assembly’s House Energy Committee.

Regional leaders call for enhanced climate commitment

Energy and Environment

15 November 2016

As climate talks continue in Marrakesh, thousands of local and regional leaders from across the world have called on governments at all levels to uphold and go beyond the commitments made in Paris last year, the European Committee of the Regions - the EU's assembly of local and regional representatives - said today. The 22nd Conference of the Parties began in the Moroccan city last week and ends on 18 November.

Nuclear vital to challenge of climate change

Energy and Environment

18 November 2016

Agneta Rising, director-general of the World Nuclear Association, has called on Conference of the Parties to make it clear that nuclear energy will be part of their response to succeed in action on climate change. "France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada's province of Ontario, have all achieved more than 80% low-carbon electricity generation by using nuclear energy in harmony with renewables," Rising said yesterday at a press conference hosted by the Russian delegation to the UNFCCC COP 22 climate change conference in Marrakesh.

National policies to shape future energy sector, says IEA

Energy and Environment

16 November 2016

There will be "major transformations in the global energy system over the next decades" as government policies to combat climate change and energy efficiency measures take effect, according to the International Energy Agency. Nuclear generating capacity, it says, could more than double by 2040.

US president-elect and nuclear

Nuclear Policies

10 November 2016

Trump_campaign_(@realDonaldTrump)-48As heads of state and business leaders react to US President-elect Donald Trump's victory, the implications of the new administration for nuclear programs in the USA and overseas are still to emerge.