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Perry sets out climate beliefs to Senate committee

Nuclear Policies

20 January 2017

Rick Perry, nominated to be US Energy Secretary by President-elect Donald Trump, said yesterday he believes "some" climate change is manmade and promised to protect the Department of Energy's (DOE) scientific research activities into the issue. He told a Senate committee he regretted calling for the department's abolition five years ago and said he advocated all energy options for the USA's 21st century energy policy.

Climate change key global risk, WEF finds

Energy and Environment

11 January 2017

The global risk landscape is now dominated by environmental concerns, with environmental risks dominating the list of those most likely, according to the World Economic Forum's newly published Global Risks Report 2017. Climate change is one of the most impactful risks the world is currently facing, ranking alongside income inequality and societal polarisation as top trends for 2017.

US energy secretary issues exit memo

Nuclear Policies

10 January 2017

The USA must ensure continued implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, as well as taking an economy-wide approach to decarbonisation - including a reinvigoration of the nuclear energy option, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said in his formal roundup of US Department of Energy (DOE) achievements during the administration of President Barack Obama.

Californian carbon emissions higher due to nuclear closures

Energy and Environment

19 January 2017

Diablo_Canyon_blueprint_(Environmental_Progress)-48Carbon emissions from California's electricity generation are two-and-a-half times higher today than they would have been if the state had kept open nuclear power plants forced to close prematurely and not abandoned plans for new units, according to a new analysis by the Environmental Progress research and policy organization.

2017 an important year for Japanese reactor restarts

Nuclear Policies

11 January 2017

Japan's future use of nuclear energy could be significantly impacted by decisions made this year on restarting reactors and extending the operating periods of its older units, according to the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan. However, it sees nuclear playing an important role in achieving energy security, economy and environmental protection.

IAEA lists achievements of 2016

Regulation and Safety

30 December 2016

The International Atomic Energy Agency today outlined its highlights for 2016, ahead of its 60th anniversary year. These included a report on verification and monitoring in Iran, the entry into force of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, response to the outbreak of the Zika crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the promotion of safe nuclear solutions towards sustainable development worldwide.