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Changes proposed to Japanese decommissioning

Waste and Recycling

21 October 2016

A proposal to change decommissioning rules in Japan could mean that operators will contribute to funds only during operation, and not, as previously, for a decade after final shutdown.

UK marks 60th anniversary of Calder Hall

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18 October 2016

QE II at Sellafield - 48Yesterday marked 60 years since the opening of the world's first commercial nuclear power plant at Calder Hall in west Cumbria in England. Opened on 17 October 1956 by Queen Elizabeth II, Calder Hall was in operation for 47 years.

'Keyhole surgery' for Sellafield waste retrieval

Waste and Recycling

05 October 2016

Pile_Fuel_Cladding_Silo_(Sellafield_Ltd)_65x48A complex remote cutting job is underway at Sellafield to enable the removal of cladding waste from an outdated silo. Engineers are using an innovative jet to remove plates of steel while maintaining an inert atmosphere important for safety.

Cabinet approves German nuclear phase-out funding bill

Waste and Recycling

20 October 2016

The German cabinet yesterday adopted a draft bill on financing the decommissioning of the country's nuclear power plants and management of its radioactive waste. The bill is based on the recommendation of an independent commission reviewing the financing of Germany's nuclear phase-out.

End walls in place for Chernobyl cover

Waste and Recycling

07 October 2016

Chernobyl NSC front wall - 48Construction has been completed of the dividing walls between units 3 and 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, against which the New Safe Confinement over unit 4 will be placed. Completion of the new cover is scheduled for November 2017.

US DOE awards depleted uranium contract

Waste and Recycling

30 September 2016

The US Department of Energy (DOE) yesterday awarded Mid-America Conversion Services, a joint venture of Atkins, Fluor and Westinghouse, a $318 million five-year contract to operate facilities to convert depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) at its plants at Paducah, Kentucky and Portsmouth, Ohio.