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Subsidies for European nuclear fuel manufacturers

Nuclear Policies

14 April 2014

Manufacturers of nuclear fuel within the European Union will be eligible for national subsidies to cope with the additional costs of using electricity generated by renewable sources in operations, according to new rules announced by Brussels.

Activists target older European units

Nuclear Policies

05 March 2014

Beznau - Greenpeace action 48Greenpeace activists have intruded onto the sites of some of Europe's oldest nuclear power plants. The stunt coincided with the publication of a Greenpeace-commissioned report into the safety of ageing reactors.

Europe lists concerns over Hinkley deal

Nuclear Policies

03 February 2014

Details of the European Commission's specific concerns about the UK government's agreement with EDF Energy for Hinkley Point C have been released. The UK maintains its agreement meets EU law on state aid.

Coal taints Germany's energy mix

Energy and Environment

12 March 2014

Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, 1990 - Forecast 2013 (UBA) 66x48Germany increased its carbon dioxide emissions for the second year in a row due to its Energiewende policies and the effects of global fuel markets.

Power struggle over EU nuclear safety

Regulation and Safety

13 February 2014

National regulators should remain responsible for nuclear safety in the European Union (EU), the nuclear industry has argued. The European Commission has proposed to increase its powers in a new safety directive.

Greenhouse gas leads new European targets

Energy and Environment

22 January 2014

Barroso, January 2014 67x48The European Commission's policy framework for energy and climate in 2030 mandates a 40% reduction in emissions and grants member states significant freedom in achieving it in a more 'Europeanised' energy system.