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Russia, China work on advanced nuclear

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08 December 2011

Click to enlargeRussia and China have held their first meeting for cooperation in the development of marine nuclear energy for floating power plants and potentially for propulsion of large ships.

Small nuclear reactors for power and icebreaking

New Nuclear

07 October 2011

50 Years of Victory (RosAtomFlot)Russia's commitment to civil marine nuclear power is growing. Power units for three new icebreakers are seen as the forerunners of a small reactor design for next-generation floating nuclear power plants.

New partner for future floating plants

New Nuclear

25 November 2011

Rosenergoatom and the Kirov Factory have signed a memorandum of cooperation on marine nuclear energy infrastructure projects, including the construction of floating nuclear power plants.

Court seizes floating nuclear plant

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15 August 2011

The world's first floating nuclear power plant, currently under construction, has been seized by the Court of Arbitration of Saint Petersburg as the shipyard building it faces bankruptcy proceedings.