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First test using CABRI pressurised water loop

Uranium and Fuel

18 April 2018

CABRI - 48The first test simulating an accident situation in a pressurised water reactor has been successfully completed at the CABRI research reactor in Cadarache, southern France. The test was part of an international research programme aimed at improving knowledge of nuclear fuel behaviour during an accident involving a sudden increase of power.

Regulator asks EDF to extend Flamanville weld checks

Regulation and Safety

12 April 2018

Flamanville_EPR - 48EDF should consider extending checks on welds in the main secondary system of the EPR reactor under construction at Flamanville to other systems, the French nuclear safety regulator has said. Welding flaws were not detected during the manufacturing checks performed by subcontractors of Framatome but were identified during pre-service inspections by EDF prior to commissioning.

France has robust nuclear security regime, says IAEA

Regulation and Safety

27 March 2018

France has demonstrated a strong commitment to nuclear security, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Vienna-based agency carried out a two-week International Physical Protection Advisory Service follow-up mission at the French government's request.

French soil decontamination tested in Fukushima

Waste and Recycling

13 April 2018

Testing of French soil decontamination process in Fukushima - 48A demonstration test of a process to decontaminate radioactive soil was successfully carried out last November in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture, France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission announced on 11 April. The technology was developed by CEA, Orano and Veolia.

Quality issue detected with Flamanville EPR welds

New Nuclear

10 April 2018

Flamanville 3 EPR - 48Quality deviations have been detected on certain welds of the main secondary system in the EPR reactor under construction at Flamanville, northern France, EDF announced today. The utility has informed the French regulator of the discovery, but has yet to determine whether the unit's start-up, expected at the end of this year, will be delayed.

Regulator approves Fessenheim 2 steam generator

Regulation and Safety

13 March 2018

Fessenheim - 48France's nuclear regulator has lifted the suspension of the serviceability certificate for one of the three steam generators installed at unit 2 of EDF's Fessenheim nuclear power plant. The certificate was suspended in July 2016 due to anomalies in the steel of the steam generator's lower shell.