Fukushima response rss

Safety approval for first Japanese reactor restarts

Regulation and Safety

16 July 2014

Sendai 48Sendai nuclear power plant units 1 and 2 have draft approval to restart and generate electricity again. The final stages in Japan's new licensing regime could be completed before September.

EU updates its nuclear safety rules

Regulation and Safety

08 July 2014

National nuclear safety regulators will have more independence and a new peer-review system under an amended EU Nuclear Safety Directive which was approved today.

First base for US emergency response

Regulation and Safety

23 May 2014

The first of America's regional response centres is now in operation, ready to supply equipment to any of the country's nuclear power plants facing an emergency situation.

US debut for Westinghouse fuel pool monitor

Regulation and Safety

14 July 2014

The commissioning of a system enabling remote monitoring of the used fuel pool level at Watts Bar has marked the first use of the Westinghouse technology at a US nuclear power plant. The system has already been deployed at some European plants.

Japan continues to count cost of idled reactors

Nuclear Policies

17 June 2014

Japan's ongoing reliance on imported fossil fuels while its nuclear reactors await permission to restart continues to impact on the country's greenhouse gas emissions and trade deficit.

Court rules against restart of Ohi reactors

Regulation and Safety

21 May 2014

Ohi 3 and 4 48A district court in Japan has ordered Kansai Electric Power Company not to restart two units at its Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui prefecture due to public concerns. Kansai said it will appeal the ruling.