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IAEA tool to help roadmap nuclear programmes

Nuclear Policies

15 June 2018

A new tool to help national authorities make strategic decisions about the development of nuclear power has been developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The Roadmaps tool can also be used to identify how countries can benefit from innovations in nuclear technology and infrastructure, both nationally and through cooperation with other countries.

IAEA launches challenge on materials for fusion

New Nuclear

11 June 2018

The International Atomic Energy Agency has launched a competition to find "innovative ways to visualise, analyse and explore" simulations of different materials that can be used to build fusion reactors. Such materials would subject to extremely high temperatures and energetic particles.

DR Congo research reactor requires improvement, says IAEA

Regulation and Safety

17 May 2018

Organisational and technical measures are needed to improve the safety of the Democratic Republic of Congo's research reactor, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts has concluded. TRICO-II, at the Kinshasa Nuclear Research Centre (CREN-K), has not been in operation since 2003.

Cooperation strengthens mining radiation protection

Regulation and Safety

12 June 2018

IAEA-ARPANSA_coop_2018-06_(IAEA)-48The International Atomic Energy Agency and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency are to work together to enhance radiation protection of workers in the uranium mining and processing industries under a new cooperation agreement.

UK on track with post-Euratom preparations

Nuclear Policies

11 June 2018

IAEA-UK  safeguards agreement - 48The UK last week completed two more milestones in its preparations to leave the European Atomic Energy Community. On 7 June, Parliament passed the Nuclear Safeguards Bill and government officials signed new international safeguards agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

IAEA completes revamp of IT system

Regulation and Safety

16 May 2018

The International Atomic Energy Agency has completed a three-year project to revamp its safeguards information technology system to be more effective in its work to ensure the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. IAEA safeguards are a set of technical measures to help prevent the non-peaceful use of nuclear material and technology.