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IAEA lists achievements of 2016

Regulation and Safety

30 December 2016

The International Atomic Energy Agency today outlined its highlights for 2016, ahead of its 60th anniversary year. These included a report on verification and monitoring in Iran, the entry into force of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, response to the outbreak of the Zika crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the promotion of safe nuclear solutions towards sustainable development worldwide.

IAEA reviews safety assessment of planned French repository

Waste and Recycling

20 December 2016

Cigeo vision (Andra) 69x48The safety options for France's planned deep geological repository for the disposal of high- and intermediate-level radioactive waste are "overall thorough", an International Atomic Energy Agency review team has concluded. The team also proposed recommendations for further demonstrating the robustness of the disposal system.

IAEA meets to strengthen security as USA disposes of plutonium

Nuclear Policies

07 December 2016

Amano_Moniz_IAEA_051216_(Calma-IAEA)-48The USA has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor and verify the disposition of surplus plutonium in South Carolina, US energy secretary Ernest Moniz said on 5 December. Moniz's announcement was made at an IAEA conference which aims to strengthen global nuclear security.

IAEA applauds Kazakhstan's action on uranium security

Uranium and Fuel

21 December 2016

Kazakhstan, producer of more than 20,000 tonnes of natural uranium per year, has welcomed security guidance recently developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Vienna-based agency said yesterday that Kazakhstan - which established a "comprehensive system for the control and physical protection of natural uranium" in 2010 - had contributed to an IAEA publication entitled Nuclear Security in the Uranium Extraction Industry and issued in February this year.

Amano notes nuclear's role in sustainable development

Nuclear Policies

13 December 2016

Amano addresses UN - December 2016 - 48In an address to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in New York, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, highlighted the role of nuclear science and technology in sustainable development.

Red Book sees production capacity as future uranium challenge

Uranium and Fuel

05 December 2016

Developing production capacity to meet the world's uranium needs, rather than the availability of uranium resources, is a likely challenge over coming years according to the latest edition of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and International Atomic Energy Agency joint report on uranium resources, production and demand.