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Progress with Indonesian SMR project

New Nuclear

16 March 2018

RDE - 48Indonesia's National Atomic Energy Agency has launched a roadmap for developing a detailed engineering design for its Experimental Power Reactor. The design of the country's indigenous small modular reactor is expected to be finalised later this year.

Indonesia and IAEA strengthen cooperation

Nuclear Policies

06 February 2018

IAEA-Indonesia - February - 48The International Atomic Energy Agency and Indonesia signed a practical arrangement yesterday to promote nuclear science and technology, and to strengthen technical cooperation among developing countries.

Non-proliferation milestone for Southeast Asia

Regulation and Safety

30 August 2016

Southeast Asia has been declared free of highly-enriched uranium following the completion of a collaborative project to downblend Indonesia's stock of HEU to low-enriched uranium.

Indonesia 'can meet needs with nuclear power'

Nuclear Policies

07 February 2018

World Nuclear Spotlight Indonesia 2018 - 48UPDATED World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising said today that nuclear power can help Indonesia meet its economic, energy and environmental goals. Speaking at the opening of World Nuclear Spotlight Indonesia 2018, in Jakarta, Rising said she welcomed the Indonesian government's commitment to supporting innovative nuclear technology.

Russia, Indonesia to cooperate on nuclear regulation

Regulation and Safety

05 April 2017

Rostechnadzor-BAPETEN - March 2017 - 48A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the nuclear regulatory authorities of Russia and Indonesia to cooperate in a range of issues related to the regulation of nuclear and radiation safety and nuclear security. The MOU was signed by Alexey Aleshin, chairman of Russia's Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechhnadzor), and Jazi Eko, chairman of Indonesia's Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency.

China and Indonesia to jointly develop HTGR

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04 August 2016

CNEC-Batan agreement on HTGRs - 48China Nuclear Engineering Corporation has signed an agreement with Indonesia's National Atomic Energy Agency to jointly develop a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor in Indonesia.