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NuGen welcomes PM 'commitment' to Moorside

Nuclear Policies

16 February 2017

NuGeneration has welcomed the British prime minister's comments yesterday about the importance of building a new nuclear power plant in West Cumbria, while the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has said the UK's plan to leave the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) as part of Brexit could threaten new nuclear reactor projects.

Korsnick: nuclear provides 'critical infrastructure'

Nuclear Policies

10 February 2017

Korsnick_Wall_St_2017_(NEI)-48US policymakers understand the potential impact of losing nuclear plants and states are increasingly recognising the benefits of nuclear power to consumers, the economy and the environment, Nuclear Energy Institute CEO Maria Korsnick said yesterday at its annual briefing to Wall Street analysts.

Diversity key to facing future nuclear industry challenges


01 February 2017

The nuclear energy industry must demonstrate improved gender diversity to ensure it has the best talent to meet the challenges it faces, speakers at the Women in Nuclear UK conference in London said today.

European Commission sees progress on Energy Union

Energy and Environment

14 February 2017

As the European Commission reports on progress made in delivering and implementing the Energy Union, trade body Foratom has highlighted the importance of nuclear energy in achieving the project's objectives.

Molten salt reactor research develops class of alloys

New Nuclear

08 February 2017

Australian and Chinese researchers have made progress in understanding the mechanical properties of a new class of materials for use in molten salt reactors. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation said yesterday that NiMo-SiC alloys - prepared from nickel molybdenum metal powders with added silicon carbide particles - have superior corrosion resistance and radiation damage resistance.

Spherical tokamak 'to put fusion power in grid' by 2030

New Nuclear

30 January 2017

Experimental and theoretical research has shown 'spherical' tokamaks to be a "fast route to fusion" compared with more "conventional" tokamak devices such as Joint European Torus, according to David Kingham, chief executive of Tokamak Energy.