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Watershed year ahead for US nuclear industry

Nuclear Policies

22 January 2018

Kotek_USEA_2018_(NEI)-48This may be a "watershed" year for the US nuclear industry, which must maintain a strong domestic sector by keeping its reactors operating but must also demonstrate it can build new plants, while paving the way for advanced reactors, the Nuclear Energy Institute's John Kotek told the US Energy Association's State of the Energy Forum on 18 January.

Tepco surveys interior of unit 2 containment vessel

Regulation and Safety

19 January 2018

FD2 PCV survey - January 2018 - 48An internal investigation of the primary containment vessel of unit 2 at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was completed as scheduled today, Tokyo Electric Power Company has announced. The survey - using a suspended pan-tilt camera attached to a telescopic guiding pipe - identified deposits and fuel assembly components at the bottom of the pedestal area.

NRC agrees NuScale SMR needs no back-up power

Regulation and Safety

10 January 2018

NuScale SMR 48The US nuclear regulator is satisfied that NuScale Power's small modular reactor (SMR) design can operate safely without the need for safety-related electrical systems. The reactor uses passive safety features, such as relying on convection, not pumps, to circulate water in the primary circuit.

CNL and FSST partner on workforce development

New Nuclear

22 January 2018

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is teaming up with the Foundation for Student Science and Technology to launch a new series of national programmes "targeted to exceptional young people pursuing innovative careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths". The first two programmes will target young women and future leaders.

PSEG plants to use Rolls-Royce Big Data services


17 January 2018

PSEG_nuclear_complex_(@PSEGNews)-48Rolls-Royce is to provide PSEG with innovative digital analytics systems to drive greater plant efficiency at the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants. The signature of a four-year contract to deploy Rolls-Royce's T-104 service follows a successful six-month trial.

Russia to build fast reactor fuel plant in 2018

New Nuclear

29 December 2017

Russia plans to start construction next year of a nuclear fuel fabrication facility for its lead-cooled fast-neutron Brest-OD-300 reactor, Siberian Chemical Combine said on 27 December. Based in Tomsk, Siberia, SCC is a subsidiary of TVEL, the nuclear fuel manufacturing unit of state nuclear corporation Rosatom.