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Non-proliferation move by Japan

Nuclear Policies

24 March 2014

Plutonium removal from Italy (NNSA) 65x48Plutonium and highly-enriched uranium research reactor fuel in Japan will be sent to the USA for downblending or disposal. The announcement came as world leaders convene in the Netherlands for the third Nuclear Security Summit.

Fuel cycle shipments in Europe

Waste and Recycling

18 January 2013

Two major radioactive shipments have taken place in Europe. Used reactor fuel went from Italy to France for reprocessing, while vitrified waste from the same process left the UK to return to Japan.

Decommissioning starts on Italian reactor

Waste and Recycling

12 October 2012

Trino 48Decommissioning of the nuclear island of the Trino Vercellese nuclear power plant in Italy is now under way. The work is expected to take twelve years to complete at a total cost of €234 million ($303 million).

Consortium established to build Alfred

New Nuclear

20 December 2013

ALFRED cutaway 48A consortium has been formally set up for the construction of a demonstration lead-cooled fast reactor in Romania. The Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator (Alfred) is being developed under an EU initiative.

EdF, Enel part company


05 December 2012

Italian power company Enel is to terminate its participation in EdF's French EPR projects including its 12.5% stake in Flamanville 3, citing economic considerations and Italian policy on nuclear energy as reasons behind its decision.

Anarchists threaten former Ansaldo executive


25 July 2012

Ansaldo Nucleare remains among the targets of an Italian anarchist group, with threats to a former senior staff member coming after an attack on the company's CEO in May.