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Switzerland revises nuclear liability law

Nuclear Policies

30 March 2015

Switzerland's government has adopted a total revision of the federal ordinance on civil nuclear liability. The ordinance governs the enforcement of the country's new civil nuclear liability law, which was passed by parliament in 2008 but has yet to come into force.

South Korea increases nuclear liability

Nuclear Policies

12 December 2014

South Korea's nuclear power operator Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power will need to take out over $2 billion-worth of insurance after nuclear regulators announced a ten-fold increase in the liability limit in the event of a nuclear accident.

Jaitapur clears bureaucratic hurdles

New Nuclear

31 December 2013

The project to build the 9900 MWe Jaitapur nuclear power plant in India has cleared some significant procedural hurdles by securing coastal permits and purchasing land.

Deal close for Indian reactor imports

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26 January 2015

India and America are close to a deal that would resolve liability issues and enable the long-awaited import of US-built reactors. Other nations, too, stand to benefit from India's plan to import up to 26 large nuclear reactors.

Sogaz insures Russia's nuclear power plants


29 April 2014

Smolensk 48Russian insurance group Sogaz has again won the annual tender to provide property insurance to all of the country's nuclear power plants. It is also to insure the construction of Russia's first floating nuclear power plant.

Japan looks to ratify liability accord

Nuclear Policies

13 December 2013

Japan intends to introduce legislation to ratify the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC). Japan's ratification of the CSC will bring the international convention on liability into force.