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More time to build US MOX plant

Uranium and Fuel

17 November 2014

MOX FFF 48The construction licence for the partially-built mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication plant at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina has been extended by ten years at the request of its builder.

Russia completes TVS-5 tests

New Nuclear

22 October 2014

BREST-300 fuel assembly 48Russia has completed testing of the TVS-5 fuel assembly containing mixed nitrides, the prototype fuel for the pilot demonstration reactor BREST-OD-300 that is to be built at the site of the Siberian Chemical Combine in Tomsk. Construction work is to start in 2016 and be completed in 2020.

Rostechnadzor outlines used fuel targets

Waste and Recycling

26 September 2014

Russia expects to reprocess all of its 'damaged' used nuclear fuel - at Mayak Production Association in Ozersk - by 2030, and to open the second stage of its centralized dry storage facility - at the Mining and Chemical Combine in Zheleznogorsk - by 2016. 

Russia develops remote welding for MOX fuel

Uranium and Fuel

13 November 2014

Nikimt-Atomstroy remotely operated welding system - 48Nikimt-Atomstroy has developed and manufactured a remotely operated welding system for the production of mixed uranium-plutonium oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies for nuclear power units.

Tokai reprocessing plant to shut

Waste and Recycling

29 September 2014

Tokai reprocessing plant 48The Japan Atomic Energy Agency will shut its reprocessing plant in Tokai, reportedly due to the costs of modifications required under post-Fukushima safety regulations.

Russia makes fast neutron reactor progress

New Nuclear

19 September 2014

TVS-4 fuel assembly 48Russia has announced two new milestones in its ‘Proryv’, or Breakthrough, project to enable a closed nuclear fuel cycle. The ultimate aim is to eliminate production of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation.