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Petten reactor starts supplying Xenon-133

Regulation and Safety

15 May 2018

Xenon-133 - 48The High Flux Reactor at Petten in the Netherlands is now producing the medical radioisotope Xenon-133. The move follows the successful collaboration between nuclear medicine company Curium and the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group to develop and install a production process for the isotope.

IAEA sees continuous improvement in safety at Borssele

Regulation and Safety

16 November 2017

Borssele NPP - 48Dutch utility EPZ has addressed all the recommendations and all but one of the suggestions that an International Atomic Energy Agency mission to the Borssele nuclear power plant made in 2014, a follow-up Operational Safety Review Team mission has concluded.

NRG develops in-core expansion measurement technology

New Nuclear

03 November 2016

The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group announced yesterday it has successfully demonstrated the capability to measure material expansion during irradiation with micrometer accuracy at temperatures above 750°C. The technology – developed at the High Flux Reactor at Petten in the Netherlands - will help in the development of improved reactor materials and nuclear fuels.

Pallas design and construction contract awarded

New Nuclear

25 January 2018

Pallas agreement - January 2018 - 48The Ichos consortium has been selected to design and construct the Pallas research reactor, which is to be built at Petten in the Netherlands to replace the existing High Flux Reactor. The consortium comprises Argentinean nuclear technology firm Invap, together with Croonwolter&dros and Mobilis, both part of TBI Holdings of the Netherlands.

Molten salt reactor experiment begins at Petten

New Nuclear

06 September 2017

Petten HFR - 48Irradiation tests on a mixture of lithium and thorium fluoride salts are under way at the High Flux Reactor at Petten in the Netherlands. The results will yield new data on the safe operation of molten salt reactors.

Strong safety culture at Petten reactor

Regulation and Safety

13 October 2016

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Integrated Nuclear Safety Assessment of Research Reactors (INSARR) mission has concluded that NRG of the Netherlands has promoted and further developed a strong safety culture based on a mature management system at its Petten research reactor.