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World condemns third North Korean test

Nuclear Policies

12 February 2013

UN Security Council (UN Photo - JC McIlwaine) 72x48North Korea carried out its third nuclear weapons test yesterday, provoking a wave of concern and condemnation around the world.

Suspension of enrichment and tests in North Korea

Nuclear Policies

29 February 2012

Kim Jong Un military visit 80x48Bilateral talks have resulted in North Korea suspending uranium enrichment and a range of military activities in return for some 240,000 tonnes of food aid from the USA. International inspectors will also return to the country.

No credible assurance on Iran

Nuclear Policies

31 August 2012

The latest reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on its work to monitor nuclear activities in Iran, North Korea and Syria illustrate a frustrating stop-start pattern of progress. The IAEA is no longer able to give 'credible' assurance that no undisclosed activities are taking place in Iran.