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Halden Reactor to be decommissioned


28 June 2018

Halden research reactor - 48The board of directors of Norway's Institute for Energy Technology has decided to close the Halden Reactor permanently and to start its decommissioning. The board will not apply to extend its operating licence, which expires in 2020, and the reactor, which is currently shut down due to a safety valve failure, will not be restarted.

Third round of thorium test irradiation starts

Uranium and Fuel

31 January 2018

Loading of ThMox IFA - 48The irradiation of two fuel pins containing thorium-plutonium oxide pellets is under way at the Halden research reactor in Norway. Thor Energy - which is leading the consortium carrying out the research - said this is the start of the third phase of a five-year trial-operation of thorium-based nuclear fuels.

IAEA commends commitments of member states

Regulation and Safety

13 October 2017

Jeep II reactor - 48Recent International Atomic Energy Agency missions have found commitment to safety by France's nuclear safety regulator and the operator of a Norwegian research reactor. The agency, which last week concluded a nuclear security advisory mission to Germany, also said Poland is committed to the safe management of radioactive waste.

Norway considers future of Halden research reactor


30 April 2018

Halden research reactor - 48Operation of the Halden research reactor in Norway beyond 2020 will require significantly increased funding, a preliminary report of a strategic review on the reactor's future operation has concluded. The Institute for Energy Technology, which operates the reactor, said it will make a decision in late June on Halden's future.

Lightbridge fuel moves towards irradiation testing

Uranium and Fuel

17 October 2017

Lighbtridge_EFI_(Lightbridge)-48Lightbridge Corporation has signed orders with the Institute for Energy Technology, operator of Norway's Halden research reactor, for the design and fabrication of a second irradiation rig for testing of its fuels. The IFE is already manufacturing a first test rig ready for irradiation testing of Lightbridge's fuel samples in the reactor.

Norway helps improve Romania's nuclear safety

Regulation and Safety

03 March 2017

A nuclear safety cooperation project between Norway and Romania has been completed. The aim of the three-year collaboration was to enhance the capabilities of Romania's nuclear regulator.