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China, Pakistan agree to uranium cooperation

Uranium and Fuel

31 July 2017

China and Pakistan have agreed to cooperate in uranium exploration and mining. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said it had signed a framework agreement with the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission yesterday for technical cooperation in the exploration and development of uranium resources. China signed a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Pakistan's Chashma 3 inaugurated

New Nuclear

28 December 2016

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan's prime minister, today inaugurated the country's fourth reactor - unit 3 of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Punjab province.

Grid connection for Pakistan's fourth reactor

New Nuclear

17 October 2016

Chashma_3_grid_celebrations_(CNNC)-48Pakistan's Chashma unit 3 was connected to the country's power grid on 15 October at a ceremony attended by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and China National Nuclear Corporation. The unit reached first criticality on 2 October.

Pakistan's Chashma 4 connected to grid

New Nuclear

03 July 2017

Chashma 4 grid connection - 48Unit 4 at the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan was connected to the grid on 29 June. The Chinese-supplied pressurised water reactor - the country's fifth power reactor - is expected to enter commercial operation by the end of August.

Pakistan's Chashma 3 completes acceptance test

New Nuclear

09 December 2016

Chashma units 3 and 4 - 48Pakistan's fourth reactor - unit 3 of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Punjab province - has passed a preliminary acceptance test, supplier China National Nuclear Corporation has announced.

Pakistan breaks ground for new Karachi units

New Nuclear

21 August 2015

Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday held a ceremony to mark the start of construction of two Chinese-designed Hualong One units near the coastal city of Karachi.