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Hinkley Point C gets go-ahead for construction

Regulation and Safety

28 March 2017

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation has granted its first consent for the start of construction of a nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C. The consent covers the placement of the structural concrete for the first nuclear safety-related structure at the site. It does not give consent for all elements of construction.

Vendors team up on SMR commercialisation

New Nuclear

13 March 2017

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Advanced Reactor Concepts have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the development and licensing of a small modular reactor. Each company has so far been developing its own sodium-cooled fast reactor models.

EDF Energy graphite review gets regulatory guidance

Regulation and Safety

01 March 2017

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation has published its assessment of the Periodic Safety Review for Hunterston B in Ayrshire and Hinkley Point B in Somerset, alongside an update of EDF Energy Nuclear Generation's revised graphite core safety case. Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B are Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors that both started up in 1976 and are scheduled to close in 2023.

Hitachi-GE and Westinghouse set for GDA completion

Regulation and Safety

22 March 2017

UK regulators expect to complete the Generic Design Assessment of the AP1000 and the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK ABWR) in March and December this year, respectively. They have also reported the start of the GDA of the UK HPR1000, which they expect to complete in 2021.

U-Battery begins Canadian pre-licensing process

Regulation and Safety

03 March 2017

The U-Battery consortium, led by Urenco, has registered its micro-modular reactor technology for pre-licensing vendor design review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

Finnish regulator approves Loviisa safety assessments

Regulation and Safety

07 February 2017

Loviisa 1 and 2 - 48The continued operation of the Loviisa nuclear power plant is safe and meets legal requirements, the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority has concluded following a review of operator Fortum's first periodic safety assessment of the two-unit plant.