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China’s Sanmen 2 cleared for fuel loading

New Nuclear

10 July 2018

Sanmen units 1 and 2 - 48Unit 2 of the Sanmen nuclear power plant in China has received regulatory approval for fuel loading, China National Nuclear Corporation announced today. Unit 1 of the plant was connected to the grid on 30 June, becoming the world's first AP1000 to achieve grid connection and power generation.

NEI issues guidelines for regulatory interactions

Regulation and Safety

06 July 2018

NuScale SMR cross section 48The US Nuclear Energy Institute has issued guidelines to help advanced nuclear reactor developers in their interactions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A regulatory engagement plan will help reactor developers' early interactions with NRC staff and can reduce regulatory uncertainty and add predictability to licensing advanced technologies, the NEI said.

EU must support extended use of reactors, says Foratom

Nuclear Policies

20 June 2018

Foratom, the European nuclear trade body, has called on the European Commission and other EU institutions to recognise and reward the long-term operation of nuclear power reactors in their role to help Europe meet its climate targets.

Bangladesh issues construction licence for Rooppur unit 2

New Nuclear

09 July 2018

Rooppur_2_licence_(Rosatom)-48The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission has formally received a design and construction licence for Rooppur unit 2. It received an equivalent licence for unit 1 in November last year and construction work started on that unit soon afterwards.

Approval for decommissioning of Swiss reactor

Waste and Recycling

22 June 2018

Muehleberg NPP - 48Swiss utility BKW has been issued with a decommissioning order for the Mühleberg nuclear power plant, which is scheduled to permanently shut down at the end of 2019. The order from the country's Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication states the decommissioning work must be carried out in accordance with a plan submitted by BKW in 2015.

Long-term safety review for Angra 1

Regulation and Safety

14 May 2018

Angra_(Eletronuclear)-48A team of International Atomic Energy Agency experts has completed a Pre-SALTO (Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation) review at Brazil's Angra 1 nuclear power plant. Plant operator Eletrobras Eletronuclear is preparing to apply to extend the pressurised water reactor's operating lifetime from 40 to 60 years.