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Iran deal makes world a safer place, says US president

Nuclear Policies

17 January 2017

One year on from implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the US president said the agreement with Iran "must be measured against the alternatives". Meanwhile, Behrouz Kamalvandi, deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran for International, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, is on a two-day visit to Moscow to discuss progress with the JCPOA.

IAEA lists achievements of 2016

Regulation and Safety

30 December 2016

The International Atomic Energy Agency today outlined its highlights for 2016, ahead of its 60th anniversary year. These included a report on verification and monitoring in Iran, the entry into force of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, response to the outbreak of the Zika crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the promotion of safe nuclear solutions towards sustainable development worldwide.

IEA urges decision on Czech nuclear power expansion

Nuclear Policies

16 December 2016

The Czech Republic needs to decide on the mechanisms for financing the construction and operation of new nuclear power plants "as soon as possible", the executive director of the International Energy Agency said this week.

Climate change key global risk, WEF finds

Energy and Environment

11 January 2017

The global risk landscape is now dominated by environmental concerns, with environmental risks dominating the list of those most likely, according to the World Economic Forum's newly published Global Risks Report 2017. Climate change is one of the most impactful risks the world is currently facing, ranking alongside income inequality and societal polarisation as top trends for 2017.

President-elect Trump urged to act on US nuclear

Nuclear Policies

22 December 2016

Professionals from academic, environmental, nuclear and other organizations have written an open letter to US President-elect Donald Trump and Rick Perry - recently named by Trump as his choice for US Energy Secretary - urging them to take action to "save and grow" the country's nuclear sector.

Court backs German utilities' compensation claim

Nuclear Policies

06 December 2016

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court today ruled that, although the country's 2011 phase-out legislation is essentially in compliance with the constitution, power utilities are entitled to "reasonable" compensation for the early shut down of their nuclear power reactors.