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Recognition sought for nuclear's unique attributes

Nuclear Policies

21 September 2016

High level panel - WNA Sympo 2016 - 48The economics and financing of nuclear power projects and the markets in which they operate was discussed last week by a high level panel at the World Nuclear Association's Annual Symposium. While some countries are investing in new nuclear capacity, some market conditions are forcing the closure of existing reactors, participants said.

Pressure mounts for government decision on Hinkley

New Nuclear

09 September 2016

The UK's finance minister, Philip Hammond, has described the terms of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project as a "well-designed transfer of risk". Meanwhile British company Rolls-Royce has for the second time become a 'preferred bidder' for the project in Somerset, and members of EDF Energy's advisory panel have argued it is "strongly in the national interest to press ahead with the plant".

De Rivaz's open letter on Hinkley

New Nuclear

30 August 2016

Hinkley B Apprentices - 12 (EDF Energy) 72x48.jpgWhile Hinkley Point remains in limbo pending a government commitment to support the project, EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz has written an open letter addressing questions on security and cost.

UK government gives go-ahead for Hinkley Point C

New Nuclear

15 September 2016

Hinkley Point C CGI - 48The UK government today announced its approval for the construction of two EPR reactors at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset after reaching a new agreement in principle with EDF. However, it has imposed certain conditions for foreign investment in future British nuclear power plant projects.

Kyushu rejects call for suspension of Sendai units

Regulation and Safety

05 September 2016

Sendai - 48 (JAIF)Kyushu Electric Power Company has rejected a request from the governor of Japan's Kagoshima prefecture that operation of units 1 and 2 of the Sendai nuclear power plant be suspended immediately for safety checks. The company said it will continue operating the units until they enter routine scheduled outages later this year.

Exelon reaffirms long-term commitment

Nuclear Policies

12 August 2016

Chris_Crane_August_2015_(Exelon)-48Exelon will continue to advocate for public policy that recognises the clean energy attributes of nuclear plants but has warned it will have no choice but to close plants that remain unprofitable.