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UK plans domestic nuclear safeguards regime

Nuclear Policies

15 September 2017

As part of preparations for its exit from the European Union, the UK is establishing a domestic nuclear safeguards regime to ensure that it "continues to maintain its position as a responsible nuclear state and that withdrawal from Euratom will not result in the weakening of its future safeguards standards and oversight in the UK", Greg Clark, the UK secretary of state for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, announced yesterday.

UK SMR consortium calls for government support

New Nuclear

12 September 2017

SMR render - 48The UK government must give the country's nuclear industry clarity on the potential development and deployment of small modular reactors, Rolls-Royce and its partners in the UK SMR consortium said today. There is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for Britain to design, manufacture and operate such reactors, they added.

Taiwan power system fails on gas incident

Nuclear Policies

16 August 2017

Half of Taiwan experienced a power outage yesterday and Minster of Economic Affairs Lee Chih-kung has resigned after a blunder at a large natural gas plant. Three of Taiwan's six reactors are offline due to political blocking.

Areva NP chief highlights restructuring progress


15 September 2017

Fontana-Isted - WNA Symposium 2017 - 48Corporate restructuring of the French nuclear sector is "on track and major milestones have been successfully achieved", Bernard Fontana, CEO of French engineering company Areva NP, said yesterday. These milestones include re-focusing Areva NP on its core business since July 2016 and the ongoing transfer of the company's assets to a "financially sound and cash-generating" subsidiary, namely New NP.

US energy department calls for market reforms

Nuclear Policies

24 August 2017

Low-cost abundant natural gas and the growth of renewable energy are accelerating the premature retirement of baseload power plants, particularly coal and nuclear ones, says a report from the US Department of Energy. This, it suggests, is putting the resilience of the USA's electricity grid at risk.

Call for government to revitalise US nuclear industry

Nuclear Policies

15 August 2017

The US government should hold "a structured conversation" with the country's nuclear industry on ways to restore and develop the sector, according to an essay from Mark Hibbs, senior fellow of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's nuclear policy program.