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Support for nuclear in South Australia

Nuclear Policies

07 April 2014

More South Australians support the use of nuclear energy than oppose it, according to a new public opinion poll. The majority of respondents also expressed support for uranium mining in the state.

Nuclear 'an important power source' for Japan

Nuclear Policies

25 February 2014

Japan has a draft energy policy after almost three years of drift following the Fukushima accident. A summary today focused on security of supply and recommended the restart of idled reactors.

Consulting early on Swedish new nuclear build

New Nuclear

16 January 2014

Ringhals (Annika Örnborg)_48Vattenfall has officially started a decade-long public consultation into new nuclear build, which it expects to be necessary after current reactors retire.

Blockage cleared for Fukushima water bypass

Regulation and Safety

26 March 2014

With the permission of local fishermen Tepco will soon let groundwater bypass the Fukushima Daiichi plant, alleviating a large part of its water management problem.

Swiss want say on nuclear phase out

Nuclear Policies

23 January 2014

Muehleberg 48.jpgNuclear energy is an essential part of Switzerland's energy mix and more debate is needed about its planned phase out, a poll of attitudes towards nuclear power in the country shows.

German nuclear shutdown unlawful


14 January 2014

The forced closure of RWE's Biblis nuclear power plant after the Fukushima accident was unlawful, the German Supreme Administrative Court has ruled. The utility is now likely to sue for considerable damages.