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Large-scale Chinese reactor design passes IAEA safety review

New Nuclear

05 May 2016

CAP1400 - 48China's CAP1400 reactor design has successfully passed the International Atomic Energy Agency's Generic Reactor Safety Review, the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute announced today.

Recovering the safety margin of nuclear reactors

Regulation and Safety

25 April 2016

Age is no barrier to prolonging the operation of nuclear power plants thanks to technological advances that could not have been predicted by reactor designers working decades ago. That was the conclusion of nuclear industry leaders at a conference hosted recently by EDF Energy and the World Association of Nuclear Operators in London.

Hinkley Point C will 'categorically' go ahead, with FID in May

New Nuclear

23 March 2016

Vincent de Rivaz, the CEO of EDF Energy, said today that the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project will "clearly and categorically" go ahead. Giving evidence to the UK parliament's Energy and Climate Change Committee, de Rivaz confirmed that, according to the French economy minister, the repeatedly postponed final investment decision on the project to build two EPR units at the site in Somerset, England would finally be made "by early May". He would not himself give a specific date and said the decision would be made "very soon".

UK think tank urges nuclear innovation

Nuclear Policies

28 April 2016

A think tank has urged the British government to spend money earmarked for nuclear R&D on ensuring that at least three advanced reactors including at least one small modular reactor (SMR) and a Generation IV design have completed regulatory assessment by the early 2020s.

Group calls for revamp of reactor licensing process

Regulation and Safety

13 April 2016

The US Nuclear Innovation Alliance has issued a series of recommendations for updating the regulatory process to address an "urgent" need for an advanced reactor licensing process.

UK regulators chart progress of reactor designs

Regulation and Safety

22 March 2016

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales have provided an update on their assessment of the two designs currently going through the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process - Hitachi-GE's UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (UK ABWR), and the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor design. The update is provided in the regulators' quarterly report - covering November 2015 to January 2016 - which was issued yesterday.