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Regulators decide against convention change

Regulation and Safety

11 February 2015

Rafael Mariano Grossi (Dean Calma / IAEA) 72x48Seventy-two countries party to the Convention on Nuclear Safety declared their intention to continuously improve in that area, while a proscriptive proposal to amend the convention did not gain consensus.

Argonne unveils advanced nuclear reactor design cooperation

New Nuclear

08 January 2015

The US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory will work with three of the world's leading nuclear products and services companies on projects that could unlock the potential of advanced nuclear reactor designs.

Financial and regulatory barriers to USA's new nuclear technologies

Nuclear Policies

15 December 2014

Developing new nuclear technologies requires overcoming considerable financial and regulatory hurdles, as the promise of clean, efficient electricity remains essential to US energy policy, the Nuclear Energy Institute said, following a meeting on 11 December of a House Science Committee.

Terrestrial Energy moves forward on molten salt reactor

New Nuclear

08 January 2015

IMSR_(Terrestrial_Energy)_48Canadian company Terrestrial Energy is to collaborate with the USA's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop its molten salt reactor to the engineering blueprint stage.

Martingale reveals its ThorCon liquid-fuel reactor design

New Nuclear

07 January 2015

ThorCon nuclear island 48Martingale Inc has unveiled its ThorCon liquid-fuel nuclear reactor design, which uses uranium and thorium fuel dissolved in molten salt. Production is expected to start by 2020.

Regulatory justification for UK ABWR

Regulation and Safety

11 December 2014

The construction and operation of Hitachi-GE's Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) in the UK is justified, the country's Energy and Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has announced.