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Takahama 2 cleared for ten more years

Regulation and Safety

09 April 2015

Takahama 48Unit 2 of Kansai Electric Power Company's Takahama nuclear power plant in Japan's Fukui prefecture has been granted a ten-year operating life extension by the country's nuclear regulator.

Urenco gets US regulatory approval to expand Eunice plant

Regulation and Safety

31 March 2015

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a licence amendment allowing Urenco to expand its Eunice enrichment plant.

Tsuruga 2 sits on active fault, NRA concludes

Regulation and Safety

26 March 2015

Tsuruga 2 - 48The restart of unit 2 of the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Japan's Fukui prefecture has been thrown into doubt after the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) accepted a report compiled by a panel of experts that concluded the unit sits upon an active fault line. However, plant owner Japan Atomic Power Company says it still plans to apply for safety checks in order to restart it.

Flamanville EPR vessel anomalies under scrutiny

Regulation and Safety

07 April 2015

EPR reactor vessel 48Anomalies have been identified in the composition of the steel in certain parts of the reactor vessel of the EPR under construction at Flamanville, Areva has informed the French nuclear regulator. Further tests are planned to show the extent and effect of the areas of the vessel showing higher carbon concentrations.

IAEA team completes review of Indian regulator

Regulation and Safety

27 March 2015

A peer review of India's nuclear regulatory framework has found a strong commitment to nuclear safety in the country but recommends that the independence of its nuclear regulator be strengthened.

Canadian mills implement lessons learned from dust release

Uranium and Fuel

20 March 2015

Key_Lake_(Cameco)_48Canada's two operating uranium mills must complete a series of actions to review lessons learned from unplanned releases of uranium dust at the Key Lake mill earlier this year.