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Exelon's nuclear fleet expands


02 April 2014

CORRECTED R E Ginna 48The operating licences of five US nuclear power reactors have been transferred from Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) to Exelon, making it the third-largest nuclear operator in the world.

Test anomalies trigger early outages at Belgian units

Regulation and Safety

26 March 2014

Tihange reactor building 48Belgian utility Electrabel has brought forward planned outages for units at its Tihange and Doel plants after additional tests on hydrogen flakes suggested these may affect the mechanical properties of their reactor vessels.

Vessel checks for more Swedish reactors

Regulation and Safety

24 February 2014

Forsmark_3_(2009)_(Vattenfall)_48Sweden's nuclear regulator has instructed the operators of two more of the country's reactors to review the conditions of the units' pressure vessels to check for defects that may have been introduced in the manufacturing process.

NRC orders private cloud

Other News

28 March 2014

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is planning to use a private computer cloud to streamline and optimise its IT infrastructure, and has commissioned Dell to build it.

More manpower for Japanese regulator

Regulation and Safety

03 March 2014

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority has completed its previously announced merger with the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organisation. The move gives the NRA greater resources for processing reactor restart applications.

Preparing for licensing beyond 60 years

Regulation and Safety

24 February 2014

Calvert Cliffs 48US nuclear utilities could start applying to the regulator from 2017 for operating licence extensions beyond 60 years. Staff at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission say they are preparing for this.