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EDF builds scaled-down containment facility for research

Regulation and Safety

17 June 2016

Vercors construction - 48EDF has completed building a one-third scale reactor containment building that will be used to verify construction methods and to study ageing of the materials used in the structure.

GAIN awards vouchers for nuclear development

Nuclear Policies

14 June 2016

Eight small businesses have been chosen to receive a share of a $2 million pilot project to help them access the US Department of Energy's nuclear energy-related knowledge and capabilities under the department's Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear initiative.

Russia and Korea expand fast reactor research

New Nuclear

06 June 2016

NIIAR-KAERI - June 2016 - 48Russia's Research Institute of Atomic Reactors and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute have signed a memorandum of understanding on scientific and technical cooperation.

Federal funding for advanced nuclear technology R&D

Nuclear Policies

15 June 2016

Over $82 million in nuclear energy research, facility access, crosscutting technology development and infrastructure awards were announced yesterday by the US Department of Energy.

European Commission to modernize nuclear research centre

New Nuclear

09 June 2016

JRC Wing M groundbreaking - 48A groundbreaking ceremony has been held to launch the start of construction of a new laboratory building at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre at Karlsruhe in Germany. The new building will replace older ones on the site.

Fangchenggang 2 set for start-up

New Nuclear

03 June 2016

Fangchenggang 2 vessel head - 48The reactor pressure vessel head has been installed at unit 2 of the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant in China's Guangxi province following the completion of fuel loading. Installation of the vessel head was carried out using the first Chinese-developed bolt tensioning machine.