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India allocates funds for nuclear

Nuclear Policies

11 July 2014

The Indian government has announced an increase of almost 27% in its budget for atomic research and nuclear power for the latest fiscal year. Investment in nuclear-related public enterprises has also significantly increased.

Supercomputer team wins award for core work

New Nuclear

07 July 2014

PWR_neutron_flux_simulation_(ORNL)_48A team from Westinghouse and the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light-Water Reactors (CASL) has been recognised for its work on simulation of conditions in nuclear reactor cores using Titan, the USA's most powerful supercomputer.

Westinghouse to market fuel rod sensors by 2019

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

20 June 2014

Nuclear power plant operators may soon be able to monitor a reactor core by using sensors within fuel rod assemblies that literally scream the type and location of a problem.

Advance in SiC composite production

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

09 July 2014

SiC fuel assembly cover 48New technology for the manufacture of nuclear fuel components from silicon carbide (SiC) has been developed by Japanese researchers. A prototype fuel assembly cover has already been fabricated and is awaiting trials.

Lockheed opens joint R&D base


24 June 2014

China's SNPAS and Lockheed Martin of the USA have opened a new cooperative R&D base where the partners aim to drive forward research on reactor protection systems for Chinese-designed nuclear power plants.

Trio targets freezing of radioactive sludge

Waste and Recycling

16 June 2014

Three companies have teamed up to develop techniques for freezing radioactive liquids and sludges to aid their handling and clean-up.