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Investment in nuclear R&D key to UK success

Nuclear Policies

02 March 2015

The UK can only be a competitive player in the global nuclear market if the government commits to a program of research and development (R&D) aimed at advanced reactor and fuel cycle technologies, as well as developing a skilled workforce, the Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board suggests.

Scientists witness greenhouse effect

Energy and Environment

26 February 2015

Scientists have for the first time actually observed an increase in carbon dioxide's greenhouse effect at the Earth's surface. They attributed this upward trend to rising emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

US budget request reflects nuclear commitments

Nuclear Policies

03 February 2015

The $30 billion earmarked for the US Department of Energy in the 2016 budget proposal is 9% up on the amount it received for 2015. The $1 billion budget requested by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is nearly 3% down on the previous year as its new reactor workload decreases.

Nuclear power is a 'national asset', says US think tank

Nuclear Policies

26 February 2015

US federal research policy should recognize the nuclear sector as a national asset and treat it equally with other non-greenhouse gas emitting energy sources, R Street - a Washington DC-headquartered public policy research institute - says in a new report.

Funding for waste-handling robotics development

New Nuclear

25 February 2015

A project to develop new robotic techniques for use in the autonomous handling of radioactive wastes is among those recently selected for funding by the European Commission.

Requirements set out for hardening French facilities

Regulation and Safety

03 February 2015

The French nuclear safety regulator has specified additional post-Fukushima safety measures to be taken at the country's fuel cycle and research facilities.