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First test using CABRI pressurised water loop

Uranium and Fuel

18 April 2018

CABRI - 48The first test simulating an accident situation in a pressurised water reactor has been successfully completed at the CABRI research reactor in Cadarache, southern France. The test was part of an international research programme aimed at improving knowledge of nuclear fuel behaviour during an accident involving a sudden increase of power.

Canadian isotope reactor enters retirement

Regulation and Safety

03 April 2018

NRU (AECL/Chalk River)_48Canada's National Research Universal - one of the largest and most versatile research reactors in the world - has been permanently shut down. The reactor at the Chalk River site ceased production in October 2016, but had since remained on standby.

IAEA mission visits Uzbek research reactor

Regulation and Safety

19 March 2018

WWR-SM - 48An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission has identified areas for improvement in the operation and maintenance of Uzbekistan's only operating research reactor. The team also addressed specific operational challenges faced by the WWR-SM.

Council formed to support Canadian isotope production

Regulation and Safety

10 April 2018

Canadian science, health care and nuclear sector organisations have launched an initiative aiming to ensure the country remains a world leader in the production of medical isotopes following the final closure of the National Research Universal reactor. The Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council aims to raise awareness and support long-term policies at the domestic and international level.

Chalk River laboratory request for proposals issued


20 March 2018

Chalk_River_vision_2_(CNL)-48Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has issued a request for proposals for the design and construction of a CAD370 million (USD283 million) laboratory research complex that will be the largest single capital investment in the CAD1.2 billion revitalisation of its Chalk River site.

Nuclear R&D related bills pass US House

Nuclear Policies

16 February 2018

The US House of Representatives - the lower chamber of Congress - has approved two bills related to nuclear energy research and development. The bills - one for a versatile reactor-based fast neutron source and the other for research into the effects of low-dose radiation - will now pass to the Senate before they can be signed into law by the President.