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Decommissioning progress for unique Canadian reactor

Waste and Recycling

08 January 2018

Whiteshell_Reactor_1_schematic_(CNL)-48Canadian federal and provincial authorities have completed their technical assessment of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' draft environmental impact statement for the proposed in-situ decommissioning of Whiteshell Reactor 1.

Korean research reactor resumes operation


12 December 2017

Hanaro research reactor - 48The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute has restarted the 30 MWt High-flux Advanced Neutron Application Reactor (Hanaro), which has been offline for the past three-and-a-half years. During this period, the reactor has undergone safety upgrades.

IAEA concludes Belgian research reactor safety review

Regulation and Safety

14 November 2017

An International Atomic Energy Agency team of nuclear safety experts has today completed a seven-day mission to review safety at the Belgian Research Reactor 2 (BR2). Requested by Belgium's regulatory body, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, the mission focused on ageing management and continued safe operation.

Milestone for new LEU research reactor fuel

Regulation and Safety

22 December 2017

LEU_fuel_for_MITR_(NNSA)-48The US National Nuclear Security Administration  has submitted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission a preliminary report on a new uranium fuel that will enable the conversion of six US research reactors from highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium.

US test reactor resumes operations

Regulation and Safety

16 November 2017

TREAT-restart_(INL)-48A test reactor at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory was restarted yesterday after more than 20 years on standby. The Transient Reactor Test Facility, used to test nuclear fuels and materials under extreme conditions, had not operated since being shut down in 1994.

Agreements signed for Nigerian nuclear project

New Nuclear

31 October 2017

Russia-Nigeria_agreements_Oct2017-(Rosatom)-48Nigeria and Russia have signed agreements on the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant and a nuclear research centre, including a multi-purpose research reactor, in the African country.