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US-Canadian partnership for isotopes


23 February 2015

MURR reactor - 48A Canadian-US partnership has been announced to create a "new, reliable supply" of medical isotopes for use worldwide.

Amano wants development recognition

Nuclear Policies

23 January 2015

Amano in Kuala Lumpur, Jan 2015 (C.Brady-IAEA) 79x48The IAEA's mandate could easily be changed to 'Atoms for Peace and Development', said its leader Yukiya Amano in Malaysia. He wants the organisation to be a "unique stakeholder" in global development.

Belgian reprocessing contract completed

Waste and Recycling

07 January 2015

Dounreay shipment to Belgium 48The final shipment of waste from the reprocessing of Belgian research reactor fuel has been made from the UK to Belgium.

Reprieve for Canadian isotope reactor

Regulation and Safety

09 February 2015

NRU (AECL/Chalk River)_48Canada's NRU reactor will be able to continue to play a key role in providing medical isotopes until March 2018 after the Canadian government announced its decision to support an extension of the reactor's operations. The extension will be subject to regulatory approval.

HEU removal from Kazakh reactor

Regulation and Safety

09 January 2015

International cooperation has seen 36 kg of high-enriched uranium removed from a scientific institute in Kazakhstan and returned to Russia.

Chinese fast reactor completes full-power test run

New Nuclear

19 December 2014

CEFR 48China's experimental fast neutron reactor has successfully been operated at full capacity for the first time, China National Nuclear Corporation announced.