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IAEA notes progress with Kazakh research reactor safety

Regulation and Safety

10 March 2017

Alatau research  reactor - 48Kazakhstan's Institute of Nuclear Physics has implemented "significant" modifications and upgrades to improve the safety of its research reactor, an IAEA Integrated Nuclear Safety Assessment of Research Reactors mission has concluded. The IAEA team reviewed the comprehensive safety programs at the light water reactor called WWR-K, including improvements to reactor safety systems and to the training and qualification program for staff.

Local opposition to dismantling of Japanese fast reactor

Nuclear Policies

19 December 2016

Monju (JAEA) 48UPDATED The governor of Fukui prefecture has called the Japanese government's proposal to decommission the Monju prototype fast breeder reactor (FBR) as "totally unacceptable". However, the government announced a formal decision on 20 December to scrap the reactor.

Opal reactor on Australian research roadmap

Nuclear Policies

16 December 2016

Opal research reactor - 48The Australian Synchrotron and Opal Nuclear Research Reactor are identified as landmark facilities that will require ongoing investment in a draft National Infrastructure Research Roadmap released for public comment.

China agrees further Russian fuel reloads for fast reactor

New Nuclear

04 January 2017

CEFR 48Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL has signed a contract with the China Institute of Atomic Energy for the supply of fuel to the Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor.

First plasma for WEST fusion reactor

New Nuclear

19 December 2016

WEST coil rewinding workers (CEA) 71x48WEST is the new name for Tore Supra, a plasma facility near Cadarache in southern France, which has been upgraded to undertake research towards the Iter fusion project. The reactor celebrated its first plasma on 14 December as part of its mission to support the Iter project.

Korean fusion reactor achieves record plasma

New Nuclear

14 December 2016

KSTAR fusion devise - 48The Korean Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) tokamak-type nuclear fusion reactor has achieved a world record of 70 seconds in high-performance plasma operation, South Korea's National Fusion Research Institute has announced.