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Russia extends GIF cooperation by ten years

Nuclear Policies

30 June 2015

Magwood-Kirienko June 2015 - 48Russia has signed the ten-year extension to the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency's Framework Agreement for International Collaboration on Research and Development of Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems (GIF).

Ukraine prepares to cancel Khmelnitski agreement with Russia

New Nuclear

24 June 2015

Ukraine is preparing the legal document required to cancel its contract with Russia concerning the completion of two units at the Khmelnitski nuclear power plant. The move was announced yesterday by Svetlana Kulchitskaya, deputy head of the atomic energy and nuclear industry department of the Ministry of Energy and Coal.

Rosgeologia signs cooperation agreement with Rosatom

Uranium and Fuel

22 June 2015

Rosgeologia, the Russian state-run geological exploration services company, last week signed a series of agreements aimed at expanding its operations. The agreements were signed on 19 June by Rosgeologia CEO Roman Panov and officials from Rosatom, VTB Bank, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Russian Energy Ministry, the Murmansk region, the Russian State Geological Prospecting University and the Russian Academy of Sciences' institute for the integrated development of subsoil, during the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum last week.

Fortum's role in Hanhikivi project still uncertain


25 June 2015

Fortum's future participation in the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant project remains unclear as the Finnish electricity producer's talks with Rosatom and Gazprom Energo on restructuring Russia's territorial generating company TGC-1 have yet to reach agreement.

China may act as transit route for new fuel bank, says Kazakh official

Uranium and Fuel

24 June 2015

The International Atomic Energy Agency is considering the option of China as a transit route for low-enriched uranium to the planned international fuel bank in Kazakhstan, a Kazakh government official has told local journalists.

Amano looks to future of international fuel reserves

Uranium and Fuel

22 June 2015

The International Uranium Enrichment Centre in Angarsk, Russia will serve as a reference point for similar regional International Atomic Energy Agency-sponsored fuel 'banks', the agency's director general, Yukiya Amano, said last week. He said the IAEA may one day revisit a proposal to set up an international centre for the reprocessing of used nuclear fuel.