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US project to recycle naval fuel gets Senate approval

Waste and Recycling

22 June 2018

The US Senate has approved a proposal for a USD15 million pilot programme to recycle used naval nuclear fuel for use as fuel in advanced nuclear reactors. The proposal - an amendment to the fiscal 2019 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill - was adopted by the full Senate by 87 votes to 9.

DOE announces funding for innovative nuclear technology

New Nuclear

05 June 2018

Holos_Quad_(HolosGen)_48Ten projects have been selected to receive a total of up to USD24 million in funding under a new programme from the US Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy initiative. The projects selected include a transportable gas-cooled reactor, and technology to support load-following, improve safety and reduce costs in advanced reactors.

Dominion Energy invests in GE Hitachi SMR

New Nuclear

21 May 2018

Dominion Energy is to provide funding that could lead to commercialising the BWRX-300 small modular reactor, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy announced today. The 300 MWe reactor is derived from GEH's 1520 MWe Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor design.

NuScale says its SMR promises cost savings

New Nuclear

06 June 2018

NuScale SMR cross section 48NuScale Power announced today that its small modular reactor can generate 20% more power than originally planned, according to advanced testing and modelling tools that helped the Oregon, USA-headquartered company identify "optimisation opportunities".

Floating plant arrives at Murmansk for fueling

New Nuclear

21 May 2018

Akademik Lomonosov at Murmansk - 48A ceremony has been held to welcome the Akademik Lomonosov, Russia's first floating nuclear power plant, following its arrival at Atomflot's berth in the port city of Murmansk in the far northwest part of the country. Fuel will be loaded in to the vessel's two reactors prior to its delivery to Russia's northernmost city of Pevek next year.

Argentina reaches generator milestone for CAREM-25

New Nuclear

08 May 2018

CAREM steam generator - 48The CAREM Project has reached a new milestone in the development of the 12 steam generators for the prototype CAREM-25 in Argentina. More than 700 tubes, each 35 meters long, have been delivered to the site, Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos, announced on 4 May.