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NuScale steam generator prepares for tests

New Nuclear

11 February 2015

NuScale HCSG delivery 48A full-scale, first-of-a-kind helical coil steam generator for use in NuScale Power's small modular reactor (SMR) design is set to undergo performance tests in Italy.

Terrestrial Energy moves forward on molten salt reactor

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08 January 2015

IMSR_(Terrestrial_Energy)_48Canadian company Terrestrial Energy is to collaborate with the USA's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop its molten salt reactor to the engineering blueprint stage.

Financial and regulatory barriers to USA's new nuclear technologies

Nuclear Policies

15 December 2014

Developing new nuclear technologies requires overcoming considerable financial and regulatory hurdles, as the promise of clean, efficient electricity remains essential to US energy policy, the Nuclear Energy Institute said, following a meeting on 11 December of a House Science Committee.

Roadmap to nuclear future

Nuclear Policies

29 January 2015

Nuclear power is one of the most important technologies that can help the world to limit global warming to 2ºC, said OECD agencies in a Technology Roadmap for nuclear that spells out some steps to ensure this happens.

UK government urged to look at SMR costs

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17 December 2014

The UK government should encourage the development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), a parliamentary committee has recommended. However, it says the costs need to be fully understood beforehand.

National Nuclear Laboratory urges UK investment in SMRs

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04 December 2014

The UK has the opportunity "to regain technology leadership" in the ownership and development of low-carbon generation and secure energy supplies through investment in Small Modular Reactors, according to a feasibility study published yesterday by the National Nuclear Laboratory.