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New concept for offshore nuclear plant

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16 April 2014

MIT platform power plant concept (Jake Jurewicz / MIT-NSE) 72x48A new floating nuclear power plant concept has been put forward by US university MIT based an offshore platform similar to those used by the oil industry.

Working together for high-temperature reactors

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21 March 2014

Tsinghua-CNECC_agreement_(Tsinghua_Uni)_48High-temperature gas-cooled reactor projects have been boosted by a new agreement between CNECC and Tsinghua University, while US and European reactor initiatives are working on a memorandum of understanding.

Westinghouse SMR progress slows

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21 February 2014

Westinghouse SMR cutaway 48Development of the 225 MWe Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (SMR) is being scaled back following the decision by the US Department of Energy to award funding to competing reactor designs.

Funding for mPower reduced


14 April 2014

Babcock & Wilcox will slash its spending on the mPower small modular reactor project, having failed to find customers or investors. William Fox has replaced Christofer Mowry as CEO of the Generation mPower subsidiary.

Helical steam generator passes test

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27 February 2014

Helical_Coil_Steam_Generator_(NuScale)_Feb_2014_48Testing activities have been successfully completed for a first-of-a-kind helical coil steam generator for use in NuScale Power's small modular reactor design.

TerraPower brings B&W on board

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18 February 2014

TWR-P 48Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) has signed an agreement to support the development of TerraPower's travelling wave reactor.