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South Africa procurement within the year

New Nuclear

19 May 2015

South Africa will begin the procurement process for a new nuclear power plant in the second quarter of this financial year and expects to have selected its strategic partners by year-end.

Koeberg leads way for South African power plants

Nuclear Policies

15 January 2015

As South African utility Eskom anticipates months of load-shedding, the Koeberg nuclear power plant has been singled out to act as a blueprint for the development of the operator capabilities that are vital to strengthen the country's vulnerable electricity supply system.

China and South Africa sign accords

Nuclear Policies

05 December 2014

Chinese and South African parties have signed several nuclear accords including a memorandum of understanding on a nuclear fuel cycle partnership, a financing framework agreement for the construction of a new nuclear power plant in South Africa, and an agreement on nuclear personnel training.

China helps South Africa develop its nuclear workforce

Nuclear Policies

24 April 2015

China-South Africa April 2015 - 48South Africa has signed two further nuclear energy cooperation agreements with China as part of preparations towards the possible construction of new nuclear power units. The move came as the first group of South African workers began a nuclear power plant training course at a Chinese university, as agreed under an earlier accord.

South Africa reports reactor vendor progress

New Nuclear

17 December 2014

South Africa "continues to make significant progress" in its engagements with various prospective nuclear vendor countries, according to a statement from President Jacob Zuma's office today.

China, South Africa extend nuclear cooperation

Nuclear Policies

10 November 2014

South Africa and China have signed an intergovernmental framework agreement on nuclear cooperation. It follows the recent signing of similar accords with France and Russia.