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KHNP, NASA sign cooperation agreement


28 January 2016

KNHP-NASA MOU - 48Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nucleoeléctrica Argentina SA (NASA) for technological cooperation.

First criticality for Shin Kori 3

New Nuclear

05 January 2016

Shin Kori 3 first criticality - 48Unit 3 of South Korea's Shin Kori nuclear power plant achieved a sustained chain reaction for the first time on 29 December. It becomes the country's 25th operable power reactor.

VHTR cooling system performance verified

New Nuclear

12 November 2015

VHTR NACEF - 48The passive cooling system of the proposed Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) has successfully passed simulation verification tests, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute has announced. In addition to producing electricity, the advanced reactor design could also be used to produce hydrogen.

Grid connection for first Korean APR-1400

New Nuclear

19 January 2016

Shin Kori 3 control room - 48Unit 3 of South Korea's Shin Kori nuclear power plant was connected to the grid on 15 January and has started supplying electricity, plant owner Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power announced yesterday.

China, Korea extend nuclear safety cooperation

Regulation and Safety

30 November 2015

China-South Korean - November 2015 - 48The nuclear regulators of China and South Korea have signed a memorandum of understanding to reinforce their cooperation in nuclear safety.

Russia and Korea extend cooperation in fast research reactor work

New Nuclear

06 November 2015

RIAR-KAERI - November 2015 - 48Russia and Korea have signed a contract to carry out research on experimental fuel rods irradiated in the BOR-60 fast research reactor. Dimitrovgrad, Russia-based RIAR's BOR-60 is the world's only fast research reactor in operation. Commissioned in 1969, BOR-60 is fully contracted till the end of its lifetime in December 2020.