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UK regulator advised on Areva-supplied forgings

Regulation and Safety

16 May 2016

Paperwork related to the manufacture of components for use in UK nuclear power plants by Areva's Le Creusot forge may contain "inconsistencies, modifications or omissions", the French nuclear regulator has advised its British counterpart. The Sizewell B reactor is the only UK reactor to feature such parts.

UK capable of producing Westinghouse SMR vessel

New Nuclear

18 April 2016

Westinghouse SMR CV and IRPV - 48The UK has the capabilities to produce the reactor pressure vessel for Westinghouse's small modular reactor (SMR) design, according to an independent assessment by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

CGN boosts cooperation with Czech firms


31 March 2016

China General Nuclear announced today that it has signed memoranda of understanding with Czech engineering companies to cooperate in nuclear energy.

Shortcomings identified in Le Creusot quality checks

Regulation and Safety

04 May 2016

An ongoing quality audit at the Le Creusot forge has identified "irregularities" in paperwork on some 400 plant components produced there since 1965. The issues "comprise inconsistencies, modifications or omissions in the production files, concerning manufacturing parameters and test results".

HTR helium fan motor passes acceptance tests

New Nuclear

05 April 2016

HTR blower motor passes factory acceptance - 48Factory acceptance tests for the main motor of the helium fan for use in China's HTR-PM high-temperature gas-cooled reactor has been successfully completed, Harbin Electric Corporation announced. Separately, the company has also developed a 300 MW reactor coolant pump.

Westinghouse looks to UK for vessel manufacture

New Nuclear

03 March 2016

Westinghouse SMR CV and IRPV - 48Westinghouse Electric Company has announced a manufacturing study to investigate the production of reactor pressure vessels for its small modular reactor in the UK through a collaboration with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.