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Material testing continues on French steam generators

Regulation and Safety

24 June 2016

SG bottom head - 48Parts of some steam generators at 18 nuclear power units in France may have similar anomalies discovered in the steel of the pressure vessel of the Flamanville EPR, utility EDF has informed the French nuclear regulator.

Emirati companies benefit from nuclear program


13 June 2016

Ducab-KHNP_contract_2016-(Ducab)-48The construction of the United Arab Emirates' first nuclear power plant has seen 1400 Emirati companies share contracts worth a total of over $3 billion over the past six years, benefitting the economy and stimulating the growth of heavy industry in the country, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced today.

UK regulator advised on Areva-supplied forgings

Regulation and Safety

16 May 2016

Paperwork related to the manufacture of components for use in UK nuclear power plants by Areva's Le Creusot forge may contain "inconsistencies, modifications or omissions", the French nuclear regulator has advised its British counterpart. The Sizewell B reactor is the only UK reactor to feature such parts.

Areva outlines restructuring plan


15 June 2016

France's Areva today presented plans for the sale of a majority stake of its reactor business to EDF and a restructuring through the creation of a new company focused on the nuclear fuel cycle. The process is expected to be completed next year.

Fangchenggang 2 set for start-up

New Nuclear

03 June 2016

Fangchenggang 2 vessel head - 48The reactor pressure vessel head has been installed at unit 2 of the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant in China's Guangxi province following the completion of fuel loading. Installation of the vessel head was carried out using the first Chinese-developed bolt tensioning machine.

Shortcomings identified in Le Creusot quality checks

Regulation and Safety

04 May 2016

An ongoing quality audit at the Le Creusot forge has identified "irregularities" in paperwork on some 400 plant components produced there since 1965. The issues "comprise inconsistencies, modifications or omissions in the production files, concerning manufacturing parameters and test results".