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US regulator has no safety concerns over Areva-supplied parts

Regulation and Safety

11 January 2017

A list of large reactor components supplied to US nuclear power plants by Areva's Creusot Forge in France has been released by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. However, the regulator said it has no immediate safety concerns regarding the parts supplied to 17 US reactors.

Eskom starts information-gathering process for new build

New Nuclear

21 December 2016

South African utility Eskom has released a request for information for the country's nuclear new build program. It stressed the exercise will not create any financial commitments or obligations to Eskom or the government.

Economic contribution from Hinkley 'gaining recognition'


07 December 2016

Hinkley_Point_C_welcome_sign_(EDFEnergy)-48Media coverage of Hinkley Point C has tended to focus on EDF Energy’s financial agreement with the UK government and is only now being recognised for the economic benefits it will bring to the local economy, Nigel Knee, head of the company's nuclear policy, said yesterday. EDF Energy's updated analysis shows that almost £4 billion ($5 billion) will go into the regional economy of the South West of England over the lifetime of the project, Knee told delegates at the Budapest Energy Summit.

Checks on Finnish reactor parts continue

Regulation and Safety

05 January 2017

No inadequate or counterfeited documentation related to the manufacture of forged steel parts used in Finnish nuclear power plants has so far been identified by the plant operators. However, the country's regulator has requested detailed investigations be completed by the end of April.

Swiss regulator calls for steam generator checks

Regulation and Safety

14 December 2016

The Swiss nuclear safety regulator has requested a review of documentation to check the design and quality of the forgings of the steam generators at the Beznau and Gösgen nuclear power plants. The regulator said it was "reacting to information from France".

Red Book sees production capacity as future uranium challenge

Uranium and Fuel

05 December 2016

Developing production capacity to meet the world's uranium needs, rather than the availability of uranium resources, is a likely challenge over coming years according to the latest edition of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and International Atomic Energy Agency joint report on uranium resources, production and demand.