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Swiss reject rapid nuclear phase out

Nuclear Policies

27 November 2016

Muhleberg - 48UPDATED The proposal to force older nuclear power plants to close in Switzerland has been rejected in a referendum. The five reactors that provide over one-third of electricity can continue to operate according to their economic lives.

Swiss utility eyes early shutdown costs as referendum approaches


01 November 2016

Leibstadt 48Swiss utility Alpiq estimates it will face economic damages of some CHF2.5 billion ($2.5 billion) if voters back an initiative calling for the early shutdown of the country's nuclear power plants in a referendum later this month. However, it says even if the early phase-out is rejected, it cannot operate its reactors economically under current market conditions.

Replica vessel component used to verify Beznau 1 safety

Regulation and Safety

14 September 2016

Beznau 1 replica Ring C - 48The production of a replica part of the reactor pressure vessel used in unit 1 of Switzerland's Beznau nuclear power plant has shown that aluminium oxide inclusions in the vessel formed during its manufacture, utility Axpo said. The unit has been offline for more than a year whilst the safety of its vessel is investigated.

Axpo says tests confirm safety of Beznau 1 vessel

Regulation and Safety

17 November 2016

Beznau 1 - 48Swiss utility Axpo said yesterday it has submitted "verifiable proof" to the country's nuclear safety regulator that aluminium oxide inclusions in the reactor vessel of unit 1 at its Beznau nuclear power plant do not affect the unit's safety.

UK completes return of Swiss reprocessing waste

Waste and Recycling

17 October 2016

HLW shipment from UK to Switzerland - 48The second and final shipment of high-level waste from the UK to Switzerland has been completed. The waste resulted from the reprocessing and recycling of used nuclear fuel from Swiss nuclear power plants at Sellafield.

Digging repository deeper may not make it safer, says Nagra

Waste and Recycling

11 August 2016

Additional documentation on the engineering feasibility of a deep repository has been submitted by Switzerland's national radioactive waste disposal cooperative Nagra. It claims there are no safety advantages to constructing a deeper repository than originally envisaged.