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Political discord places Lungmen on hold

New Nuclear

28 April 2014

Lungmen 1 and 2 48The government of Taiwan has announced that unit 1 of the Lungmen nuclear power plant will be mothballed once pre-operational safety checks are completed. Construction of unit 2, meanwhile, will be suspended immediately. A referendum will be held later to decide the plant's fate.

European review of Taiwanese safety

Regulation and Safety

20 November 2013

Taiwan should update the assessment of all natural hazards that could affect its nuclear power plants, notably for earthquakes and tsunamis, the European Commission has recommended.

Taiwan reactor offline after typhoon

Regulation and Safety

16 July 2013

Chinshan 68x48UPDATED: Typhoon Soulik has left Taipower's Chinshan 2 offline and in need of repair as the utility works to restore power to all parts of Taiwan, most of which suffered blackouts during the storm.

Commissioning approaches for Lungmen

New Nuclear

10 January 2014

Lungmen, August 2009 73x48The Lungmen nuclear power plant could be in operation by the end of this year or early next year, according to reported statements from Taiwanese planners.

Taiwanese nuclear vote turns violent

Nuclear Policies

02 August 2013

A parliamentary vote in Taiwan on whether to hold a referendum on the completion of the Lungmen nuclear power plant descended into a brawl between opposing parties.

New nuclear energy policy for Taiwan

Nuclear Policies

03 November 2011

Lungmen 1 turbine building (Taipower)No life extensions will be granted to Taipower's existing nuclear power plants in a newly announced nuclear energy policy that promises eventually to make the island 'nuclear-free'.