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Strategic plan for uranium remediation in Central Asia

Uranium and Fuel

25 September 2017

IAEA_partners_Central_Asia_SMP-(IAEA)-48The European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the republics of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have signed a joint commitment on coordinating efforts to remediate uranium legacy sites in Central Asia, under a newly published strategic master plan.

Russia and Tajikistan plan nuclear cooperation

Nuclear Policies

28 February 2017

Russia and Tajikistan yesterday signed an agreement on cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Central Asian country. Tajikistan is mineral-rich and has some uranium deposits, but most of its electricity is hydroelectric, with a small part sourced from natural gas.

EBRD launches uranium mining legacy fund

Uranium and Fuel

18 June 2015

Yellow_Hill_Tajikistan_(Harlander_EBRD)_48A new fund set up by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) at the request of the European Commission will finance projects to rehabilitate former uranium mines and processing sites in Central Asia.

IAEA helps Tajikistan remediation preparations

Uranium and Fuel

27 March 2017

Degmay_tailings_Tajikistan_(Roberts-IAEA)_48An International Atomic Energy Agency expert team is preparing independent cost estimates to help Tajikistan plan the remediation of uranium legacy sites in the north of the country.

Agreements signed for EBRD uranium legacy fund

Uranium and Fuel

24 January 2017

Uranium_legacy_site_(EBRD)-48The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has signed framework agreements with the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, a precondition for the implementation of projects under an EBRD fund to deal with the remediation of former uranium mines and processing plants.

Tajikistan to study uranium from rare earth deposits

Uranium and Fuel

10 July 2014

A 22-year hiatus in uranium exploration in Tajikistan may be coming to an end. Dzhumazoda Murod Hall, head of the country's geology administration, told local media on 8 July the government plans to approve a decade-long study of rare earth deposits starting next year.