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Convoy tests 'Iter Itinerary'

New Nuclear

08 April 2014

ITER-transport-convoy-arrival_48A 600-tonne dummy load has completed a journey by land and water to test out the logistics of transporting major components to the Iter fusion reactor site in southern France.

Paladin cleans up after uranium spill

Regulation and Safety

17 February 2014

Kayelekera (Paladin)_48A small quantity of uranium oxide concentrate has been removed for safe disposal after a "minor incident" during a routine shipment of product from Paladin's Kayelekera mine in Malawi.

Sea route safe from strontium sources

Waste and Recycling

15 November 2013

Fourteen radioisotope thermoelectric generators, some used to power Arctic lighthouses, have been recovered from Russia's northern coastline in an international effort to secure vulnerable radioactive materials.

Hex cylinders in port drop

Regulation and Safety

18 March 2014

UF6 cylinders on truck Halifax (Truckfax - Mac Kackay) 64x48Port authorities are investigating how four cylinders containing enriched uranium hexafluoride were dropped during unloading operations at Halifax in Canada's Nova Scotia.

Swedish ship makes first shipment

New Nuclear

28 January 2014

Sigrid (Furetank) 48SKB's new vessel for transporting used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste by sea, the M/S Sigrid, has made its first shipment. It replaces the smaller M/S Sigyn, which had been in service since 1982.

New steam generators arrive at Davis-Besse


23 October 2013

Davis-Besse SG rail 48Two replacement steam generators have been delivered to the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio. They will be installed early next year.