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Damaged Paks fuel sent to Russia

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

20 August 2014

The used fuel assemblies that were damaged during a chemical cleaning process at Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant in 2003 have been transported to Russia for processing.

Vessel head journeys to Callaway


13 June 2014

Callaway_vessel_head_shipment_(Areva_Inc)_48A new reactor vessel closure head has completed a five-week journey by sea, river and road to arrive at the Callaway nuclear power plant in Missouri, USA.

Convoy tests 'Iter Itinerary'

New Nuclear

08 April 2014

ITER-transport-convoy-arrival_48A 600-tonne dummy load has completed a journey by land and water to test out the logistics of transporting major components to the Iter fusion reactor site in southern France.

Russian waste transport ship completes test mission

Waste and Recycling

22 July 2014

Rossita 48The Rossita, a nuclear waste transport ship donated to Russia by Italy in 2011, has completed its first mission.

High-level waste arrives in Japan

Waste and Recycling

23 April 2014

Pacific Grebe 48The fourth and largest shipment so far of high-level waste from the UK to Japan has been completed. All such waste, resulting from the reprocessing of used reactor fuel, should be returned from the UK to Japan by the end of the decade.

Hex cylinders in port drop

Regulation and Safety

18 March 2014

UF6 cylinders on truck Halifax (Truckfax - Mac Kackay) 64x48Port authorities are investigating how four cylinders containing enriched uranium hexafluoride were dropped during unloading operations at Halifax in Canada's Nova Scotia.