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Cooperation deal to develop advanced reactor

New Nuclear

27 August 2014

PGSFR (KAERI) 44x48South Korean designers have secured help from Argonne National Laboratory to develop an advanced reactor, which is partly based on America's successful EBR-II prototype. A 150 MWe sodium-cooled demonstration unit is slated for 2028.

Uprates approved for Peach Bottom reactors


26 August 2014

Peach Bottom 48An increase in power output of over 12% at each of units 2 and 3 of the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania has been approved by the US nuclear regulator.

Shootaring Canyon mill sold

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

18 August 2014

Shootaring Canyon mill 48Anfield Resources is to acquire the Shootaring Canyon uranium mill in Utah plus a portfolio of uranium assets from Uranium One in a deal worth $5 million. A previous agreement to sell the mill to Black Range Minerals for $10 million lapsed earlier this year.

NRC approves final rule on used fuel storage

Regulation and Safety

27 August 2014

The issuance of licences for new US nuclear power reactors and the extension of operating licences for existing ones will soon resume following the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's approval of a final rule on the continued storage of used fuel.

AP1000s mooted for Utah site

New Nuclear

21 August 2014

Westinghouse and Blue Castle Holdings have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue the development of a two-unit AP1000 plant at Green River in Utah.

System tests under way at Watts Bar 2

New Nuclear

13 August 2014

Watts Bar 2 core barrel 250 48Pre-operational system tests have begun at unit 2 of Tennessee Valley Authority's Watts Bar nuclear power plant ahead of its scheduled start-up late next year.