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Urenco to complete New Mexico expansion by year-end


21 August 2015

Urenco said yesterday that it is "on track" to complete a major capacity expansion at its Urenco USA site in New Mexico by the end of this year. The uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel cycle services provider has said it is expanding capacity there to 4700 tonnes-separative work units (SWU) per year.

Decommissioning of UK research reactor approved

Waste and Recycling

18 August 2015

Imperial College London has received approval from the UK nuclear regulator to decommission its 50-year-old CONSORT research reactor. Decommissioning work is expected to be completed by 2021.

Decommissioning milestones at Magnox sites

Waste and Recycling

12 August 2015

Oldbury_ponds_(NDA)_48Magnox Limited has announced the completion of fuel removal from unit 1 of the Oldbury nuclear power plant in the UK as well as the retrieval of all fuel element debris from underground vaults at the Bradwell site.

Test runs to start at UK dry fuel store

Waste and Recycling

20 August 2015

The UK regulator has given approval for the inactive commissioning process to begin at a dry nuclear fuel store at Sizewell B, the country's first such nuclear fuel storage facility. Construction of the store began in early 2013.

UK research on intermediate-level waste reduction

Waste and Recycling

14 August 2015

Trials have been completed by UK companies Costain and Tetronics International of new technology for the vitrification of intermediate-level radioactive waste. The partners claim the technology could reduce the volume of such waste from the nuclear industry by up to 90%.

UK invests in advanced nuclear fuel research

Uranium and Fuel

07 August 2015

Grants totalling £2.5 million ($3.9 million) have been awarded by the UK government to the National Nuclear Laboratory and the University of Manchester for the development of accident tolerant nuclear fuels.