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Nuclear growth on track for Harmony

Nuclear Policies

23 April 2018

Agneta_Rising_WNFC_2018_(WNFC)-48Nuclear growth is at a 25-year high driven by the need for clean and reliable electricity, World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising told the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference last week. While market problems persist in the USA, China's rate of nuclear approvals is picking up, other keynote speakers said.

Rolls-Royce signs control rod system contract with CGN


09 April 2018

Hongyanhe units 1-4 - 48Rolls-Royce is to modernise control rod systems in 14 of China General Nuclear's CPR1000 nuclear power units in China. The UK engineering firm has also signed long-term service contracts with three Chinese plants.

UK peers reject Euratom exit plan

Nuclear Policies

21 March 2018

The UK government has been defeated twice in the House of Lords over its plans for nuclear cooperation after its leaves the European Union next year, the BBC has reported. They also backed a plan requiring the UK to report to Parliament regularly on its future arrangements with Euratom.

Estonian company delivers nuclear cyber security exercise


16 April 2018

Estonian-founded cyber security specialist company Guardtime has planned and executed a custom cyber exercise for the UK's civil nuclear sector.

Remote reactor monitoring project launched

Regulation and Safety

28 March 2018

Watchman cutaway - 48An international multi-laboratory and university collaboration has been launched to develop detection hardware and algorithms to improve non-proliferation detector capabilities for remote monitoring of nuclear reactors. Its developers say the initial project will be the first demonstration of remote monitoring of individual reactor operations at a significant distance, using scalable water-based technology.

UK explains 'enabling regulation' approach

Regulation and Safety

16 March 2018

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation has published a guide on how it can work with dutyholders to improve safety and security activity in the nuclear industry. The document, Holding to Account and Influencing Improvements - Enabling Regulation in Practice, features a number of case studies which place enabling regulation in the context of the legal and practical obligations on ONR and industry dutyholders.