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Defueling completed at Sizewell A

Waste and Recycling

29 August 2014

The final shipment of used fuel from the UK's Sizewell A nuclear power plant has been sent for reprocessing at Sellafield, marking the end of a five-year operation to remove all fuel from the site.

UK regulator backs EDF Energy on reactor checks

Regulation and Safety

13 August 2014

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation has said it is satisfied that EDF Energy is taking "appropriate and conservative action in the interests of continued nuclear safety" in its decision to shut down its reactors at the Heysham 1 and Hartlepool sites in response to the identification of unexpected "cracking" in a boiler spine of unit 1 at Heysham 1.

UK opens robotics laboratory

New Nuclear

08 August 2014

RACE - Culham 48A new centre for developing technologies for remote handling in extreme conditions has opened at the Culham Science Centre in the UK. A £15.6 million ($26.2 million) purpose-built facility is to be constructed at the site by 2016.

UK regulators clear ABWR for next step

New Nuclear

28 August 2014

The third stage of the generic design assessment (GDA) for the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) is to begin in September after regulators completed their initial high-level assessment of the Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy reactor design without identifying any fundamental issues to prevent it from being built in the UK.

EDF closes four reactors to assess boiler fault

Regulation and Safety

11 August 2014

Heysham 1 48EDF Energy says it has shut down four of its UK reactors after discovering a fault in a "boiler spine" in unit 1 of its Heysham 1 nuclear power plant - "although routine inspections of other boiler spines have not previously indicated any similar defects."

Harwell test facility prepares for decommissioning

Waste and Recycling

07 August 2014

Harwell B459 PIE facility 48Operations have ended at a post-irradiation examination facility at the UK's Harwell nuclear research site. Decommissioning activities will begin in about three years.