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Toshiba seeks third party route to settling claims


20 November 2017

Toshiba Corporation has decided to "explore alternatives" to selling to a third party its claims against Westinghouse Electric Company. This would allow the Japanese electronics company to "significantly reduce the internal resources that it is required to allocate to WEC’s rehabilitation proceedings, and to focus them on cultivating its new businesses".

Exelon and JAPC form joint venture, Horizon welcomes move


13 April 2017

Exelon Generation and Japan Atomic Power Company have formed a joint venture company "to leverage Exelon's expertise in operational excellence and safety among international operators using Japanese reactor technologies". The new company, JExel Nuclear, is expected to sign an "advisory services" contract with Horizon Nuclear Power.

Iran deal makes world a safer place, says US president

Nuclear Policies

17 January 2017

One year on from implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the US president said the agreement with Iran "must be measured against the alternatives". Meanwhile, Behrouz Kamalvandi, deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran for International, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, is on a two-day visit to Moscow to discuss progress with the JCPOA.

Contract signed for US advanced manufacturing centre

New Nuclear

10 November 2017

NuScale Power and Concurrent Technologies Corporation have signed the initial contract for the new Centre for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing. The contract covers prototype work for manufacturing NuScale's helical coil steam generators, a major component in the NuScale small modular reactor design that is under certification review by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Terrestrial Energy unveils SMR licensing plans

New Nuclear

24 January 2017

Terrestrial Energy USA announced today it had informed the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission of its plans to license a small modular reactor in the USA. Terrestrial said it intends to start "pre-application interactions" with the regulator this year and to make its licensing application in late 2019.

NuScale makes history with SMR design application

New Nuclear

13 January 2017

NuScale_SMR_certification_application_(NRC)-48NuScale Power has asked the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to approve the company's small modular reactor commercial power plant design. This is the first-ever SMR design certification application to be submitted to the NRC.