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Urenco to complete New Mexico expansion by year-end


21 August 2015

Urenco said yesterday that it is "on track" to complete a major capacity expansion at its Urenco USA site in New Mexico by the end of this year. The uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel cycle services provider has said it is expanding capacity there to 4700 tonnes-separative work units (SWU) per year.

Obama's climate plan 'misses opportunity' of existing reactors, says NEI

Nuclear Policies

05 August 2015

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has welcomed the positive changes on new nuclear power plants contained in the final Clean Power Plan rule issued this week by the US Environmental Protection Agency, but said it is a "missed opportunity" on existing reactors.

Holtec to start regulatory process for New Mexico used fuel store soon

Waste and Recycling

30 July 2015

Holtec International has unveiled the schedule for its proposed consolidated interim storage facility for used nuclear fuel, with start-up slated for 2020. Holtec sees the facility, to be built in south-eastern New Mexico, as the only solution being put forward to deal with the USA's 70,000 tonnes of used nuclear fuel that is currently located in 35 states and at about 70 sites.

Watts Bar 2 operating licence request goes out

New Nuclear

17 August 2015

Watts Bar units 1 and 2 - 48The Tennessee Valley Authority has requested that regulators issue an operating licence for unit 2 of the Watts Bar nuclear power plant.

Honeywell Metropolis Works suffers another leak

Regulation and Safety

04 August 2015

Metropolis Works - 48The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has launched a special inspection at Honeywell Metropolis Works in Illinois to assess a uranium hexafluoride leak that occurred during maintenance activities at the uranium conversion facility on 1 August.

Siting agreement amended for US deconversion plant

Waste and Recycling

09 July 2015

International Isotopes has amended its project participation agreement with New Mexico's Lea County to reflect the delay in constructing its planned facility to deconvert depleted uranium hexafluoride.