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Iran eliminates 20% enriched uranium inventory

Nuclear Policies

21 July 2014

C_Ashton_MJ_Zarif_(European_Commission)_48An International Atomic Energy Agency report has confirmed that Iran has completed steps to convert its inventory of 20% enriched uranium hexafluoride into forms that are less of a proliferation risk as political leaders agree to a six-month extension of an action plan aimed at curbing Iranian enrichment activities.

DoE uranium transfers in question


11 June 2014

The US Government Accountability Office has questioned the legality of four transactions involving the Department of Energy and US uranium enrichment company USEC.

Celebrations at US centrifuge plant

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

10 April 2014

Urenco_USA_April_2014_(Urenco)_48The second phase of the Urenco USA uranium enrichment plant is now fully operational, with the plant working at a capacity of 3.7 million separative work units (SWU).

Banks attracted to new offer by nuclear industry


07 July 2014

Areva has proved that financing nuclear industry projects can be an attractive prospect for the banking sector, Jérôme Guttieres, vice president of the French group's financial operations and treasury department, tells World Nuclear News.

Regulators fight third-time 'tax' on nuclear


23 April 2014

American nuclear power companies may have to pay to clean-up military enrichment sites - for the third time over. An independent association of regulators has joined industry to oppose the unwarranted 'tax'.

Implementation of interim Iranian agreement

Nuclear Policies

13 January 2014

Iran will begin suspending parts of its uranium enrichment program and downblending its stockpile of uranium enriched up to 20% over the next six months in return for modest relief from international sanctions.