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US uranium producers want halt on federal transfers

Uranium and Fuel

17 April 2017

An organisation representing the USA's uranium producers has called on the US Department of Energy to halt transfers of federal excess uranium inventory until the uranium market recovers. The Uranium Producers of America said the domestic industry is currently in a fragile state after the transfer of large quantities of price-insensitive material over a long period.

Russia starts developing Vershinnoye deposit

Uranium and Fuel

29 March 2017

ARMZ, the uranium mining subsidiary of Russia's Rosatom, has started developing the Vershinnoye uranium deposit in the Republic of Buryatia, in southern Siberia. ARMZ said in a statement on Rosatom's website the deposit has 4577 tonnes of uranium reserves and that the first production by in situ leaching would be next year by its subsidiary JSC Khiagda.

US agencies look at excess uranium inventory

Uranium and Fuel

10 March 2017

The US Department of Energy has asked for public comment on the effects of potential transfers of its excess uranium inventory on the country's uranium mining, conversion and enrichment industries. The DOE's request was issued the day after the US Government Accountability Office raised issues related to excess uranium transfers over the past decade including questions on the DOE's assessment of market impact studies; the valuation of depleted uranium tails; and the legality of some transfers.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia team up on uranium, SMRs

Nuclear Policies

29 March 2017

Jordan-Saudi Arabia - March 2017 - 48Jordan and Saudi Arabia have signed agreements on cooperation in uranium exploration and carrying out a feasibility study into the construction of two small modular reactors (SMRs) in Jordan.

Paladin announces arbitration proceedings

Uranium and Fuel

23 March 2017

Paladin Energy Limited plans to start arbitration proceedings against CNNC Overseas Uranium Holdings Ltd (CNNC Overseas) amid indications it will seek to acquire Paladin's interest in the Langer Heinrich uranium mine in Namibia. CNNC Overseas bought a 25% joint venture equity stake in Langer Heinrich for $190 million in January 2014.

Cameco considers future of US operations


09 March 2017

Crow_Butte_(Cameco)-48Cameco has confirmed it is evaluating the possibility of divesting its US uranium facilities, although no decision has yet been made to sell any assets. The company's combined operations at Smith Ranch-Highland in Wyoming is the largest uranium production facility in the USA.