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Repository heat experiment comes to an end

Waste and Recycling

26 May 2015

FEBEX Dismantling 48A test container that has been stored in a tunnel at the Grimsel underground laboratory in Switzerland for 18 years is being removed as the experiment is dismantled. The full-scale experiment set out to determine the effects of heat from high-level waste on the surrounding rock and backfill material.

Areva signs up for Texas storage facility

Waste and Recycling

21 May 2015

CISF_rendering_(WCS)_48UPDATED Areva Inc is to take a lead role in designing, constructing and operating a proposed interim storage facility for used nuclear fuel in Texas, after signing an agreement to be Waste Control Specialist's exclusive primary subcontractor. NAC International is to work alongside Areva to support the project.

Tata Steel set for Sellafield contract


18 May 2015

Tata Steel is set to be awarded a £20 million ($31 million) contract for the provision of 'packages and gamma gates' for decommissioning operations at the UK's Sellafield site.

Commission calls for tighter monitoring of German waste

Waste and Recycling

21 May 2015

Guidelines on the processing and storage of low- and intermediate-level waste in Germany are being implemented inconsistently, the independent commission which drew up the guidelines has told the country's environment ministry.

Waste emplacement begins at Dounreay disposal vaults

Waste and Recycling

19 May 2015

Dounreay LLW vault internal 48The first two vaults of the new low-level waste disposal facility at the UK's Dounreay site has begun accepting waste. Up to four additional vaults could be constructed at the facility.

IAEA sees continued progress at Fukushima Daiichi

Regulation and Safety

15 May 2015

IAEA mission to Fukushima Feb 2015 - 48The third mission of international experts assembled by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published its final report on decommissioning progress at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.