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Nominations open for Australian waste site

Waste and Recycling

14 August 2014

The Australian government has said that it is still open to nominations from traditional land owners in Northern Territory for a site for a national radioactive waste management facility. Two months ago it confirmed that Muckaty Station was no longer being considered.

New waste facility for Idaho laboratory

Waste and Recycling

04 August 2014

Conceptual design of INL RH LLW facility 48A new remote-handled low-level waste disposal facility should be in operation at the Idaho National Laboratory by October 2017. A $34 million contract for the facility's design and construction has now been awarded.

Russian waste transport ship completes test mission

Waste and Recycling

22 July 2014

Rossita 48The Rossita, a nuclear waste transport ship donated to Russia by Italy in 2011, has completed its first mission.

Harwell test facility prepares for decommissioning

Waste and Recycling

07 August 2014

Harwell B459 PIE facility 48Operations have ended at a post-irradiation examination facility at the UK's Harwell nuclear research site. Decommissioning activities will begin in about three years.

New approach for selecting UK repository site

Waste and Recycling

25 July 2014

The UK government has published its framework policy for the long-term management of higher activity radioactive waste, including details of how it intends to work with interested communities to site a geological disposal facility.

Investment program for Slovenian repository

Waste and Recycling

10 July 2014

Slovenian LLW-ILW repository 48The Slovenian government has approved an investment program for a national repository for low- and intermediate-level waste. The total investment costs depend on whether neighbouring Croatia participates in the project.