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Preliminary findings positive for Swedish repository

Waste and Recycling

25 June 2015

Forsmark used fuel repository concept - 48The Swedish nuclear regulator has said it believes the country's radioactive waste management company can meet all the safety and radiation protection requirements for its planned repository for used nuclear fuel.

EBRD launches uranium mining legacy fund

Uranium and Fuel

18 June 2015

Yellow_Hill_Tajikistan_(Harlander_EBRD)_48A new fund set up by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) at the request of the European Commission will finance projects to rehabilitate former uranium mines and processing sites in Central Asia.

Belarus adopts radwaste strategy

Waste and Recycling

09 June 2015

Belarus has adopted a radioactive waste management strategy for its first nuclear power plant under construction near Ostrovets. The country's council of ministers adopted a resolution outlining the strategy on 2 June. The document was published on the National Legal Internet Portal last week. The resolution entered into force after its official publication.

German reprocessing waste storage plan proposed

Waste and Recycling

23 June 2015

A proposal for the storage of waste generated from the reprocessing of German used nuclear fuel in France and the UK has been announced by the country's environment minister. The operators of Germany's nuclear power plants have welcomed the proposal.

Russia and Norway further safety and radwaste cooperation

Waste and Recycling

16 June 2015

Russia and Norway plan to sign a protocol soon on early notification in the event of a nuclear accident, Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said yesterday. The statement followed a meeting of the Russian-Norwegian commission on nuclear and radiation safety held in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes.

Germany consolidates nuclear research activities

Nuclear Policies

08 June 2015

The nuclear expertise of Germany's Jülich Research Centre (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and the Experimental Reactor Consortium GmbH (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor, AVR) are to be combined into a new enterprise.