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Biosphere reserve for Chernobyl

Energy and Environment

07 August 2014

Pripyat wildlife 48Ukraine expects to prepare soon a draft presidential decree on establishing a biosphere reserve in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

US cooling water rules announced

Regulation and Safety

20 May 2014

Regulations to protect fish and other aquatic life drawn into cooling water systems at large power plants and factories have been announced by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Peach Bottom recognised for habitat work

Energy and Environment

06 January 2011

Staff at Exelon's Peach Bottom nuclear power station have been recognised by the Wildlife Habitat Council for their work in creating wildlife preservation areas and helping to stem the global tide of biodiversity loss.

Entergy opposes Indian Point outage proposal

Energy and Environment

23 July 2014

Indian Point 48Entergy has criticized a Department of Environmental Conservation proposal to require simultaneous annual outages at both of its Indian Point nuclear power units aimed at protecting fish in the Hudson River.

Bradwell welcomes falcon chicks

Other News

21 June 2013

Bradwell Peregrine Falcans 48Decommissioning work plans at the UK's shuttered Bradwell nuclear power plant have been adjusted so as not to disturb a clutch of peregrine falcon chicks. The nestlings recently hatched on top of one of the two reactor buildings.