Alstom unveils world's longest turbine blade

20 November 2012

A new extra-long turbine blade launched by Alstom promises improved efficiency and performance for its future nuclear power plant steam turbines.

Alstom blades (Alstom)_380
The LP75, shown on the right, is the longest in the world
(Image: Alstom)

At 75 inches (190.5 cm) long, the LP75 last-stage blade is the longest in the world, and its exhaust area of 58 square meters is the largest compared to any other product on the market, the company boasts. Designed for use in the low pressure section of the company's Arabelle nuclear steam turbine, the LP75 builds on Alstom's 69 inch (175.3 cm) LP69 blade, currently the longest blade in commercial operation in the world and in use at Sweden's Oskarshamn nuclear power plant.

Last-stage blades are part of the low pressure module in a steam turbine generator which converts heat energy from steam into electricity in a nuclear power plant. Longer blades reduce exhaust losses, increase steam turbine efficiency and help to optimise backpressure, contributing to increased power output.

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