Bruce Power, KHNP extend collaboration on Candus

29 April 2015

Two Candu operators - Canada's Bruce Power and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP) - have signed a memorandum of understanding to extend their cooperation, particularly in areas related to nuclear safety, operational performance and carrying out large projects such as refurbishment.

The agreement was signed in Seoul yesterday during a trade mission to South Korea being led by the nuclear industry and the government of Ontario.

Wolsong (Konicof)
The four Candu units at Wolsong (Image: Konicof)

Bruce Power operates eight Candu pressurized heavy water reactors at the Bruce A and Bruce B nuclear power plants in Ontario, while KHNP operates four Candu-6 units at its Wolsong plant.

Candu reactors are designed to undergo refurbishment after approximately 25 years of operation, requiring a major outage but allowing reactor life to be extended by up to 30 years. For the more modern Candu-6 units, this involves complete retubing.

Bruce Power president and CEO Duncan Hawthorne said, "As nuclear operators, Bruce Power and KHNP are both committed to the value of 'safety first' and achieve this high standard through active collaboration, transparency and continuous improvement. This memorandum of understanding provides a framework in which Bruce Power and KHNP can build on our successful working relationship over the last 14 years."

In a statement, Bruce Power said the two companies "have developed a range of lessons learned and strengths through their operation of Candu reactors and are committed to building a long-term relationship to enhance the cooperation between the two organizations."

Bruce Power and KHNP aim to complete a technical assistance agreement by the end of this year that will "provide a long-term framework for sharing in key areas of Candu operations and refurbishment activities".

Planned areas for collaboration include the sharing of experience, information and strategies for the operation and refurbishment of Candu units, as well as cooperating on communicating to the public on the "safe, reliable operations" of Candu reactors. The agreement could pave the way for meetings and joint projects on issues related to the operation and life extension of Candu units.

KHNP vice president for technology policy and strategy Seung-Chul Lee said, "KHNP and Bruce Power have experience with the refurbishment of Candu nuclear reactors and a range of life extension and investment activities that will continue for many years to come as these Candu units play an important role in meeting the electricity needs in both jurisdictions."

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News