Energoatom creates talent pool for future presidency

02 April 2015

Energoatom president Yuri Nedashkovsky has ordered the creation of a talent pool from which his future successor would be chosen. Sixteen candidates from within the company and its subsidiaries have been selected.

The state-run company operates all of Ukraine's nuclear power plants - Khmelnitski, Rovno, South Ukraine and Zaporozhe.

Nedashkovsky said in a statement today that work had "intensified" about a year ago on training a "personnel reserve" among senior management. This training had drawn on Energoatom's cooperation with French engineering group Areva, he added. The talent pool includes people who are "not only technically proficient" but who are "also entitled to promotion" after undergoing an individual training program.

"The Energoatom president cannot exclusively be a nuclear expert, economist, financial analyst or politician. In addition to a broad knowledge of the nuclear industry, they must also be an expert in matters concerning the highest levels of corporate governance, finance, economics and law. They must make decisions quickly and not avoid responsibility. It is precisely these characteristics that determine the qualitative composition of this promising talent pool," he said.

Energoatom is now working on individual development and examination programs with the candidates.

The 16 members of the talent pool are: from Khelmnitski, Alexander Godnev, Ruslan Karikov, Konstantin Koba and Vyacheslav Semenov; from Rovno, Sergey Grigorash; from South Ukraine, Evgeny Bodnikov, Oleg Demidov, Vladimir Malinowski, Alexander Masliukov and Ruslan Yarizhko; from Zaporozhe, Igor Murashov, Sergey Shubenko and Oleg Svishchenko. Also on the list are, from Energoatom, Pavel Lashevich, Sergey Tarakanov and Alexander Bolibok.

Nedashkovsky was appointed to his role by the country’s cabinet of ministers in July last year, after prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk formed a new government. Nedashkovsky has been appointed the head of Energoatom five times. There was no suggestion in today's statement that he has plans to leave his position.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News