Atomic Ivan in love with the atom

09 September 2011

In a unique public communication project, Rosatom has lent its support to a feature film set at a nuclear power plant. 


Atomic Ivan follows a demanding and ambitous young scientist named Vanya (Ivan) with a family history in nuclear energy and an obsession for experiencing all human feelings. Set in a small closed city, where all life relates in some way to the nuclear power plant, Vanya follows in his grandparents' footsteps to work at the plant - at the same time kindling a relationship with childhood sweetheart Tanya.


Snigirev Dobrygin and Julie Gregory take the starring roles under direction from Vasily Barkhatov, who uses family and nuclear culture to explore themes of commitment, stability and continuity between generations. Rosatom said that nuclear work is portayed as prestigious and exciting, as complicated and intricate as personal relationships, and coming with extensive training and great responsibility.



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Producers Telestro are now editing the film, produced with the full support of Russian state nuclear company Rosatom which arranged for crews to film interiors at Leningrad and take exterior shots at Kalinin - all during normal operation.


A Rosatom presentation listed some of its goals in this unique public communication project: projecting an image of modern young scientists; promoting the idea of continuity of skills and culture between generations of nuclear workers; illustrating the true nature of the nuclear industry; and attracting a target audience through modern, topical cinematic language and expression.


Barkhatov treated the plants as urban environments and brought out their beauty using 35mm film, as compared to digital techniques used in other locations. Computer graphics and colour correction help to create 'magical man-made pictures to present a modern nuclear power station.'


One of the aims of the film was, 'despite the seriousness of the theme, to dispel fears and prejudices with irony' and end with 'a warm human story about love of the peaceful atom.'
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by World Nuclear News